It’s all in the Designer Details

As a designer, I have a tendency to notice everything…while I may see this as a quality characteristic, it could be perceived as a flaw (especially for my husband and children). I often see a trend with my clients regarding the details and style choices.

Many homeowners can get overwhelmed making decisions at the last hour and get caught in the details, especially when it comes to style because they might feel “pressure” to continue a trend in other areas of their home. That’s where I come in. I think details are how one makes a space their own, and they ultimately give a sense of pride, of self, of calmness, and perhaps a sense of belonging. Once the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams is created, it will be your favorite spot and then you can embark on subsequent remodeling projects. Making the necessary decisions the second time around will be much easier. Your designer can alleviate all of this, by identifying your ideal style(s), and showing you products that suit your aesthetic tastes, functional needs, and budget requirements.


From a design perspective, I tell my clients to find photographs of spaces they like (obviously) as well as some spaces or elements of spaces that they don’t like. Yes, you heard right, elements that you don’t care for can assist your designer in understanding what you might like almost as well, maybe even better in some instances, as showing them a photo of something you “have” to have. Any great designer has an extensive amount of product knowledge, knowledge of products for appliances, tile, floor coverings, cabinetry, fixtures, fittings, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and the list goes on. This knowledge is perfected and broadened over time by attending conferences, seminars, the endless content on the web, and yes, working with clients, one by one. Be sure to find a designer that will keep your personal style in mind to accomplish the look you are going for. If you find that he or she does not take the time to listen to your wants and needs list, it can be a red flag. A great designer will thoroughly guide you through the decision-making process in a streamlined fashion, which in my book, always reduces the overwhelming feeling in making selections. Your designer should feel like a good, old friend who is helping you create your space, with their professional advice, keen eye, and empathy for your stress level.


So many people think that a designer’s job is to pick pillows and wall colors… not true in my book. Plus those pillow selections and wall colors aren’t so easy in the long-run, right? Should they be the perfect compliments to all the other materials you have painstakingly decided on? No, not right in terms of painstaking…the decision on the details is all on the designer you hire. Make your decision on a designer by interviewing, talking, talking, and talking some more because it’s all in the designer details.

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