Is Case Expensive?

Last year, we visited with over 1,500 potential clients in VA, MD and DC. That’s a lot of people! We have worked hard since 1961 to become one of the largest full service remodeling firms in the country. It takes visiting with lots of potential clients to make that happen. At these visits, most people have 3 things on their mind- what’s possible, how long will it take, and how much will it cost? When we get to the project budgeting portion of the meeting, it is not unusual to hear something like, “ I’ve heard that Case does great work, but…” dramatic pause “ that Case is expensive. Is that true?” It seems that at least in some circles, we have a reputation for being expensive.

Are you expensive? It sounds like a simple question. It’s not. Expensive compared to what? How do time, convenience, design advice, and quality factor into the equation of expense? Perception of expensive varies- it really depends on what services an individual values. No one company is right for everybody and that includes us. It’s also hard not to sound defensive when answering this question- of course we offer good value! We were wrestling with the best way to convey this information and then…

We dropped a dog off for a grooming appointment the other day. We had never been to this groomer before but they were in a convenient location, it was easy to schedule an appointment, and they had lots of great reviews on line. We decided to give them a try.

When we walked in, we noticed a poster hanging behind the desk as we were checking in. It seems like they get asked why it costs so much too!

Using their Top 10 list as inspiration, we created a more serious version of our own. If you value the items on the list, chances are you will find us to be a good value and competitively priced. If you don’t require these services, or view them as unnecessary, chances are you will think that Case is expensive. You decide.

TOP 10 LIST (in no particular order)

  • An in-house staff of Carpenters. We made the decision long ago that we wanted the carpenters on site to be Case employees, not subcontractors. As employees, we have control of quality, scheduling, training, and who gets assigned to a project. These guys are in your home. They not only need to be great craftsmen, they have to be great people. Like every Case employee, they are background checked and drug tested before they are hired. We also only work with a group of fully vetted trade specialists.
  • A carefully developed process. Our initial step, the CaseStudy®, gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your project for 1% of the project budget. We think that this is an unbelievable deal. Others charge for time by the hour, or expect you to commit to a large fee or deposit before design work begins. We want you to be sure the project design makes sense, the budgeting is acceptable, that you understand timing, and that you believe Case to be the right fit before asking for a bigger deposit.
  • A warehouse facility and Field Support Team. This is a benefit? Only if you don’t want your Living Room or Dining Room being used to store materials for the duration of the project. We also stock some regularly used supplies at the warehouse and dispatch Field Support out of this location. It means our expert Craftsmen can focus on what they do best and not run around picking up materials. Field Support is also responsible for hauling away construction debris. If you’re wondering, yes, we recycle as much as possible.
  • A 24 hour emergency service. Stuff happens. If we are on site, we can take care of it. But what happens if something happens on Sunday, or in the middle of the night? What do you do? Call the emergency service- we’re on it.
  • Design Studios in DC, MD and VA. Sometimes 10 miles can be an hour in the car. Everyone is busy and most would rather not visit several different showrooms all over town. Isn’t there an easier way? We think so- we have 4 locations. Our design studios allow our clients to conveniently make all or most of their decisions in 1 location. No need to travel from showroom to showroom.
  • Professional Design advice. We have both an Architectural and an Interiors design staff. They are regularly exposed to the latest in code/zoning changes, new materials, design trends and new ideas. Their expertise is residential remodeling. Our design professionals are careful listeners, creative, and understand that budgets are not limitless. Want proof?
  • Professional Project Managers. Someone needs to manage the construction phase of your project. We want our craftsmen doing what they do best- building beautiful projects, not wearing other hats. Our Project Managers are responsible for coordinating and supervising the construction of your project. But they do more than that. They are also responsible for regular and clear communication with you, the client. It’s your home, you deserve to know what is happening, what is coming up, and best of all- when you get to move into your amazing new space!
  • FRED. No, not Fred Case (although he’s pretty fabulous!), FRED the first name in home improvement. Case handles projects that require design and permits, but our FRED Division handles everything else with the same quality and professionalism as Case. If you have a list of items: repair a cabinet, fix a leaky faucet, paint a room, and replace 2 windows that need attention, FRED can handle it all. One call and you are done- no need to schedule a carpenter, plumber, painter and window company.
  • A fixed price contract. Our resources- Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Carpenters, Estimators, and our network of Alliances allow us to commit to a fixed price contract. We make every effort  to have all decisions made before a contract is signed. Ideally, without allowances. That means you know what your project will cost, before work gets started. We don’t like surprises, we’re guessing you don’t either.
  • A 5 year, transferable warranty. No small print. If something was not done right or fails to perform as expected. We fix it. Pretty simple.

Case is built to deliver on what we want when we are remodeling our own homes. Great advice, amazing craftsmanship, clear communication, and a commitment to stand behind the work. Does this make us expensive? You decide.



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