How Much Does It Cost to Remodel My Home?

How does one go about remodeling their home? Where do you start? Design, material selections, permits, construction, inspections, etc.- are all involved in the process. It can be pretty confusing. Does one firm handle it all or are there several different businesses involved? Do you coordinate everything or does someone else?  How do you make these decisions? Different people make decisions in different ways but when you get down to the essence of the decision, there is one thing that plays a role in almost everyone’s decision making. Cost. How much will what I’m considering cost?

It sounds like a simple question- it’s not. We are approaching our 60th anniversary as a business and we have never done the same project twice. Every single project is different. Every single client is different. But… this is what we do. While we cannot tell you exactly what your project will end up costing, we can provide some guidance. Most of our projects exist within a range of cost. This isn’t to say that there are not situations that fall outside these ranges but “typically” they are representative of the work we do.

The “work we do” is an important component of this as well. The perception of cost varies wildly from person to person as does the perception of value. What some see as a “must have” item, others see as an unnecessary expense. Our projects are designed with a professional design team, built by professional craftsman and tradespeople, managed by a project manager, use high quality, name brand products and are backed by a 5 year warranty. This may matter to you or it may not but that is what the following budgets are based on.

The following is a list of some of the more popular projects we do:

Remodel a Bathroom (Hall Bath or small Master Bathroom):  $ 25- 50,000

The costs involved in remodeling a bathroom will be heavily dependent on 2 things: the materials being used and what changes (ie. location of toilet, tub to shower, etc.). The age of the bathroom is a potential third factor. If the bathroom is from 1960 or earlier it may have been constructed in a way that will be more costly to remodel.

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Add a new 3 piece bathroom (toilet, tub and 30” vanity):  $ 35- 70,000

The costs involved in adding a new bathroom do not vary much from remodeling an existing bathroom except: you have to get plumbing to the new bath area, you do not have to demolish an existing bathroom, and you must modify the plan of the area around the new bath to make it “fit.” ($25- 50,000 Bathroom + $10- 20,000 in modifications to the surrounding area)


Remodel an existing Powder Room:  $ 10- 20,000

This is a pretty simple project as long as nothing moves which means the cost will be largely dependent on materials selected and the exact scope of work.


Add a Powder Room:  $ 15- 35,000

Similar to adding a bathroom ($10- 20,000 for the Powder Room + $5- 15,000 in modifications to the surrounding area)


Remodel a Kitchen (without appliances)

There are too many factors to list- size, shape, material selections, what is moving, etc. all contribute to the cost

Small:  $ 40- 75,000 + any changes to the surrounding area, new windows or doors, etc.

Medium:  $ 75- 100,000 + any changes to the surrounding area, new windows or doors, etc.

Large:  $ 100- 140,000 + any changes to the surrounding area, new windows or doors, etc.


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Want to know more details on how much it costs to remodel a kitchen? Click here.


Add a Screen Porch:  $ 40- 125,000

Costs vary with size, shape, materials used, and distance from the ground.


Finish a Basement:  $ 40- 150,000

Costs vary with size, materials used, age of the home (plumbing, electrical and HVAC all up in the joist cavities or hanging below?), and access (are there windows or doors to deliver material through?).

Add a bathroom:  $ 35- 50,000

Add a bar area:  $ 20- 75,000

Dig out to increase ceiling height:  $100- 150,000 (unfinished)


Build a 1 Story Addition on a Crawlspace foundation:  $ 80- 250,000 + any kitchen, bathroom, deck, etc. work

Add a basement below:  $ 20- 100,000


Build a 2 story Addition on a Crawlspace foundation:  $ 150- 450,000 + any kitchen, bathroom, deck, etc. work

Add a basement below:  $ 20- 100,000

The location of the home these projects are in will also effect the cost of the project. All of the cost ranges outlined above are for a single family home in a suburban setting- good access to the house (not up a steep hill, home has a driveway), plentiful street parking, and the home was built after 1960. If the project is in a condominium, it may cost 10- 20% more. A townhouse in an urban area might be 5- 15% more than the costs defined above. A single family home in an urban setting will add 0- 5%. We are assuming that homes in urban settings tend to be more difficult logistically, were built before 1960 and will have higher permitting costs.

We would love to speak with you more specifically about your project and the costs and time-frames involved. If you would like to learn more, you can either sign up for a consultation with one of our Project Developers, or register to attend one of our upcoming seminars.


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