Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Whether you have dogs or cats, nothing beats coming home after a long day and being greeted by your furry best friends. However, for being such an integral part of our lives and families, it can be easy to forget about their real estate in the home when undergoing a renovation project.

Here are a few ways to incorporate your pets into your remodel:

Pet Baths in the Mudroom

We’ve all come in after a long walk on a rainy day only to have your dog’s muddy paws strewn all over your new floors before you can close the door behind you. By adding a pet bath to your mud room or laundry room, you not only eliminate your pets tracking in mud and dirt, but also give yourself an easy, accessible, comfortable place to bathe them.

Aesthetically Appealing Pet Beds

After spending time and money undergoing a remodeling project, no one wants an old, unattractive pet bed cluttering up their new space. By adding built in cushion beds in your pet’s favorite room, you can customize their space to match your new spaces style, and keep pet hair at bay…

Hide Away Pet Bowls

Nothing is worse than running around a kitchen trying to put a meal on the table, and having to dodge and step over your pet’s messy food bowl. By planning ahead in your remodel, you can design creative ways of storing food bowls along with bulk food and toys that work for your pet, and clear up some valuable floor space. In addition, you can find beneficial ways in better organizing how you care for your pet, giving you less time preparing, cleaning, and organizing, and more time with your little friends.

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