Digital Shower Technology by Kohler

It was only a matter of time before technology took over the bathroom.  Touch faucets, Bluetooth showerheads, smart toilets…these are just a few of the many ways to make your life easier while in the bathroom.  Surprisingly, Kohler’s digital shower system has been around since 2006 – that’s 10 years!  I’m here to tell you why you should not wait another moment and upgrade your to digital shower technology today!

In the past, a luxury shower included a separate control for the volume, a separate control for the temperature, and separate controls for any additional fixtures.  Now you can control everything in your shower or tub with one sleek and convenient digital interface.  Kohler’s DTV Prompt allows you to hook up to 3 fixtures to one easy button (or 4 fixtures if you use a Kohler HydroRail).  Some of the useful features allow you to program the amount of time that your kids can have the water on, pause the water until it heats to your pre-set temperature, or while you are shaving, etc.  The water savings and fewer controls to purchase make the DTV Prompt a money savers dream.



For the ultimate showering experience, try DTV+ by Kohler.  Now you can combine water, steam, lighting, and music into one easy to control touch screen digital interface for up to two different users.  Control everything from inside and/or outside your shower.  The DTV+ includes pre-programmed temperature and hydrotherapy programs for spa-like showering experiences which are great to use at the start or end your day.  You can also save your own favorite settings.  Add a few or as many fixtures as you would like- the possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to break the bank for a great shower experience.  The digital interfaces are water-resistant with no risk of electric shock when installed properly.  Any future upgrades can be accomplished by plugging it into your computer – no need to replace your equipment like cell phones, computers, and TVs require these days.  Installation is a breeze as most components plug into a standard 120v outlet.

Welcome to the future, call me to create your personalized digital shower experience today!


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