Decorative Holiday Fireplace Ideas to Match a Variety of Interior Styles

The fireplace is just one of many places around the home that we like to decorate during the holiday season.

A living room mantel is often the centerpiece of the home, where a warm fire naturally creates a cozy gathering place for family members to come together and celebrate. With the tree nearby and the stockings already hanging from the mantel, a decorative fireplace becomes the perfect setting to spread some holiday cheer and creativity.

Image courtesy of Case Design.

This Case Design fireplace surround becomes the perfect palette for a holiday display at the heart of the home. Live tree trimmings, holiday ornaments, candles, seasonal family heirlooms, and holiday cards are at the top of the list of items found in a decorative fireplace display. If your home has an open fireplace, a fireplace insert, or a mantel, you can create your own unique holiday fireplace, or a holiday display anywhere in your home, using some of these ideas for inspiration.

Holiday Decorations
Image courtesy of Mustard Seed Interiors.

This simple display by Mustard Seed Interiors is wonderfully attractive, and it’s made from a mix of unique personal items and common seasonal décor that can be purchased just about anywhere this time of year. A salvaged wooden window cover becomes the backdrop for entire display, which incorporates an antique doll buggy and decorative wooden candlesticks. While there several pros and cons of using live tree trimmings in a holiday display, one advantage of the faux stuff is that it can be reused year after year. In fact, this entire display is easy to pack away for the year, to be recreated next December.

Holiday Decorations
Image courtesy of Restyled Home.

This holiday fireplace display by Restyled Home celebrates the cool tones of winter and proves that a holiday display doesn’t need to scream red and green. The design is planned around the room’s current color scheme rather than traditional holiday colors. This simple, symmetrical design didn’t take a lot of décor or money to create.

Holiday Decorations

Designer Stephanie Woody’s idea for decorating fireplace mantels is wide open for adaptation to different spaces and attitudes. The burlap bows can be fashioned from fabric scraps or any number of other items you may already have. The holiday balls come in many colors. And there are endless options for words, quotes, or other items to clip to the display. The mantel is mostly clear and ready for holiday cards, artwork, and other items as they arrive.

Image courtesy of Jeanette Lunde.

Jeanette Lunde’s decorative fireplace proves that a wintertime display can be simple and refreshing enough to enjoy throughout the year. Even when combined with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree around the corner, the room still doesn’t put a ton of emphasis on the holidays.

Holiday Decorations
Image courtesy of It’s the Little Things….

This colorful display by It’s the Little Things… integrates many of the items available locally during the harvest season and reminds us that seasonal mantel décor can be a cheerful addition to the home any time of year.

Holiday Decorations
Image courtesy of It’s the Little Things….

This same mantel by It’s the Little Things… is redecorated for the Christmas season, showing us that it can be easy to switch out seasonal decorative fireplace displays. The brush hung from the mantel is the only item that’s recycled from the previous display, providing the perfect spot to hang holiday globes. Live cedar tree clippings create a beautiful centerpiece and bring nature’s seasonal scents indoors.

Holiday Decorations
Image courtesy of Jill Asher.

The décor on this mantel matches the other holiday displays in the room as well as the space’s usual furnishings and color scheme, simply by sticking to classic gold, silver, and white. Like many of the decorative fireplaces in our examples, this one shows that a simple display can be beautiful and classy.


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