Most of us don’t think much about our laundry rooms. We usually walk in and out of the house through it. Do laundry in it. Feed the animals in it. But the laundry room is the perfect place to create a “drop zone” or “family foyer” that utilizes the space in a significant way for your family.

Having an organized, functional laundry room will change your family’s lives. Imagine no more chaos and clutter. Imagine a place for everything and everything in its place.

A place for:

  • Backpacks
  • Jackets/gloves/scarves
  • Boots
  • Keys
  • Sunglasses
  • Pocketbooks and briefcases
  • Schoolwork to be checked
  • Supplies such as pencils, folders, calculators
  • Phones, tablets and laptops
  • Wrapping paper & ribbons
  • Pets needs



Things to consider when creating a drop zone:

  • Reachable built in cubbies with hooks and a basket or a bin. These can be open or have doors.
  • A bench that is open below to allow for sitting to put on shoes and keeping boots or shoes below.
  • A counter to place your groceries on when you come in and to charge your electronics.
  • Overhead cabinets for bulk items.
  • A place for the mail.
  • A gift wrap center.
  • A message center to let all family members communicate.
  • A built into a drawer ironing board that is retractable
  • A pull out drying screen below the counter.
  • Hanging bar for clothes to dry.
  • A pet center that has built in bowls for food and water.
  • A mini shower or dog wash station to clean your dog or wash muddy boots.
  • A built in rest area or crate for your dog.
  • A built in litter box for your cat.

Considering the average person goes in and out of the house through the laundry room four times a day and an average family does 400 loads of laundry per year, this is not a space to be overlooked!


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