Create Your Own Master Bedroom Refuge

When the stresses of the day become too much, you deserve a space that’s just for you.

The master bedroom is the perfect area to create a calming environment that suits your personality. The best part? This area is all about you – so you don’t have to worry about practicality or anyone else’s opinion, this is the one place in your house where you call all the shots. This self-made retreat should reflect your personality while incorporating designs that brighten your mood and lift your spirits.

Consider creating one focal point for your space and design the rest of the area accordingly. This will give your room some visual interest while still maintaining a calm atmosphere. Check out the suggestions below to start creating your private oasis.

Dramatic Lighting Fixtures

Unique fixtures can add personality and grandeur to your space. They serve the practical function of lighting your room while incorporating a unique design element.

Traditional Bedroom by Chicago Architects & Designers Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

Wall Art

Incorporate an eye catching design on one of your walls. This will break up the monotony of the room and allow you to integrate images that make you feel comfortable. Consider covering your wall in an image or mural that evokes positive memories or emotions to give you a sense of wellbeing in your space.

Contemporary Bedroom by Other Metro Architects & Designers SVOYA studio

French Doors

An easy exit to the outdoors allows you to maneuver effortlessly from your room to the outside areas of your home with privacy. This design feature also allows for a great deal of natural light and creates an appealing design.

Contemporary Bedroom

Splash of Color

A bright pop of color on a wall or in the fabrics of your room can add an exciting flare and display your vivacious personality. The color can be carried out in accents throughout your space to add consistency of style.

Eclectic Bedroom by Newport Beach General Contractors Patterson Construction Corporation

Wood Floors

Hardwood floors, particularly dark colors, create a clean look and make your space feel more open. You can easily add a splash of color with a large area rug.

Traditional Bedroom by Downers Grove Design-build Firms Oakley Home Builders

Punchy Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add detail to your space. You can use them in fabrics on your bedding, furniture, curtains, or even on the walls. Try bold patterns as a focal point for your room and draw inspiration for the rest of your color scheme and décor.

Bedroom by Vancouver Photographers Heather Merenda

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