Color in Architecture: Green Is Not Just for the Irish

Color has always played an important role in architecture.  By definition, color is a phenomenon of light or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects. Color influences us both psychologically and physiologically, helping to create very specific moods.

Green is linked to tranquility and good luck.  It is considered refreshing, quiet, natural, and healthy.  Contrary to red, when looking at green the eye’s retina focuses exclusively on the color, which makes green the most restful color to the eye.  The color green relieves stress. These associations make  green a perfect color to incorporate into ( the Architecture) of your home and a hot (though cool) color continuing to trend for Spring 2018.

Here are some ideas on how to make this happen in 3 places at your home:

  1. Consider repainting an exterior part of your home green

A green front door could help to bring good luck to into your home and can help to harmonize with your landscaping and garden.

Painting your shutters green would also add a pop of color…

Or you could paint your whole house green…

Project by Case Design/Remodeling

  1. In your kitchen, different shades of green paint can work as an accent to your cabinetry. Green backsplash tiles can be a great focal point.  Another opportunity for you to use green is at your sink with a faucet! The green can be bold and vibrant, grassy or lean towards food inspired colors such as bayberry or mint or even guacamole.



Project by Case Design/Remodeling

  1. The 3rd lucky place to incorporate this color trend is your bathroom. Historically, greens have always been popular and worked well in bathrooms.   Calming sages and beach glass shades can really help to set a relaxing mood.  Whether on the walls, the tile, the counter top, or even as the cabinet hardware…green works!

Photo by Case Design/Remodeling

Photo by Case Design/Remodeling


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