Children Teach Us to Keep the Fun in Work

My wife was traveling on business for a couple of days so it was just my daughter and me.

It’s always tricky balancing work and home but obviously the degree of difficulty went up significantly without my “better half.” In addition to being reminded of the level of respect I have for single parents (not to mention for my wife…), it was a wonderful time for my 8 year old daughter and I to enjoy one another.

Not that we don’t enjoy one another when my wife is at home, it’s just different when it’s only the two of us. I can focus on only her – and what a miracle children are. Her laugh, energy and creativity are a breadth of fresh air in this crazy world. In addition, we both know we have to step it up. It’s amazing what an 8 year old can accomplish when given the right level of empowerment. One morning, she made her own breakfast complete with cereal in a measuring cup (would have a been a bowl if she could have reached them). Not to mention that we put fun before accomplishments. We got the homework done and the vegetables eaten, but only after running around outside and eating Baskin Robbins.

My wife is back and we’re all settling into our routines. But I was reminded of some powerful life lessons – focus, empowerment and fun – that I plan to keep top of mind.

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