Change of Administration, Bring on the Remodeling!

It happens every four years. We see an uptick of eager clientele either relocating into the Washington, DC area or already living here but finding themselves in a new roleperhaps with a change in living arrangements or an increase in their paycheck.

In both scenarios, they need or want to customize their home with either practical features (bring that 1940s kitchen up to current trends), increase the square footage of the home by embarking on an addition project (a popular request is a 2-story addition for an expanded and remodeled kitchen, perhaps with a breakfast area and family room and a master suite with a master bath and closets), or finish the basement they’ve had on their “to do” list forever.

Gray and white kitchen

We live in a unique area that sees consistent business in the remodeling arena, but also sees and feels the change in administration. It doesn’t matter which party gets elected, there will always be “newbies” and veterans with new roles. There is a sense of change in the air, which is refreshing, and always puts an extra skip in my step for months on end. I love my career with Case (this is my 20th year with the company) and I have a great deal of experience with new homeowners and their energetic curiosity about the options available to them. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each client and guiding them through our tried and true Case Study process, to allow them to see the possibilities of what can be accomplished through remodeling, whether it be a small or large project.

Opened kitchen and living space

Some of the most widespread trends now include gray and white palettes, for many different rooms, from the dining room to the kitchen to the master bathroom. Gray can be a cool or a warm color depending on the exact hue, and so it works in any room. It can be rich and elegant or cool and casual. Another popular feature many homeowners are requesting is some combination of a mudroom/homework area/charging station/desk space within a common area of the home, usually in close proximity to the kitchen & breakfast area. This feature allows many functions to occur in one open area, from kids’ crafts and homework to homeowners bills and online recipes, to the “dumping ground”, otherwise known as the mudroom, often outfitted with built-in cubbies, drawers, hooks, and the like. Believe me, being the mom to (5) children under the age of 10, my life mission always seems to include some sort of attempt to organize every room of the house!

Spa bathroom

Think about what your home means to you. What do you wish you could have? What needs fixing, either from a functional or aesthetic point of view? What would make your daily life easier or more enjoyable? All of these scenarios can be remedied by working with a trained professional, following a perfected process, and letting your “to do” list or wish list fall to the wayside with a completed remodeling project.

White and dark brown cabinets in kitchen

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