Bold Color Trends for 2020

Color can have a big impact on mood and these days everyone’s mood could use a boost. As a result, we’re seeing a new trend develop. Tried and true neutrals are being passed over for vibrant, mood enhancing hues.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and evokes feeling of happiness, energy and optimism. It’s no surprise that pops of yellow are big in 2020. It’s an opportunity to surround yourself with sunshine even on the darkest of days and a bold, beautiful choice for an office, kitchen, mudroom, laundry or powder room.

Rich, vibrant blues have a calming effect that can make people feel relaxed, serene and peaceful. It’s a color we’ve seen trending in kitchen islands for several years. 2020 has only heightened this trend and now people are bringing deep soothing blues to other areas of their house. Want that feeling of peaceful tranquility to wash over you before even head inside? Consider painting your front door a vibrant blue.

A pop of hot pink can energize a space and its inhabitants. Just imagine the delicious meals and lively conversations cooked up in this kitchen.

Neutrals have long been considered a safe choice for good reason. Choosing the wrong shade of beige can be disappointing. But fear of choosing the wrong shade or shades of bold colors can drive homeowners back to the safety of neutrals. Want to add a bold pop of personality to your 2020 remodeling project? Case Project Developers and Designers can help – contact us today!

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