Bathroom Bells & Whistles: Luxury Bathroom Technology

Historically, the bathroom has been considered a utilitarian space. However, in recent years, adding luxury to every area of the home has driven a demand for bringing both increased technology and comfort to the bathroom. Below are some of the most popular trends we’re seeing at Case Design:

  1. Heated Floors: Adding a heated floor is a very simple upgrade. Slim, durable mats in both rectangular and custom sizes are available and can safely be installed under almost any flooring surface, including ceramic and porcelain tile, engineered wood, laminate, and natural stone. Timers can then be used to ensure that your floor is cozy and warm by the time you’re ready to begin your day, and can even be set to come on later on the weekends! Heating your shower floor and shower bench is also an option.                                                                 universal design smaller kemnitzfloor temp monitor
  2. Digital shower systems: Perfect for the person who wants the ultimate control over multiple water sources, these systems are fully customizable. The Kohler DTV system can handle up to six different sources and can run them in any pattern you choose. Homeowners can also save their individual favorite patterns, so the wife that loves to run the rain head and body sprays can have her program, and the husband who likes an overhead along with the handhelds can have that too! These shower systems also offer integrated speakers and Bluetooth capability, so you can enjoy your favorite music while getting clean. temp control shower
  3. Heated towel bars: The ultimate upgrade! There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower and wrapping up in a warm towel. These wall-mounted hard wired racks offer that option along with a relatively low price and simple installation.    lyonsbath
  4. “Smart” toilets: These days, toilets do more than just flush! Now, they can sense when you’re approaching and lift the lid and/or the lid and seat for you, light up a dark bathroom, heat the seat, offer integrated bidet features, have Bluetooth capable speakers, clean themselves with UV light, and more. Who knew? The Kohler Numi model offers the ultimate array of features, but there are plenty of other choices on the market as well.                                                                                                                              smart toilet boardsmart toilet
  5. Fog free shaving mirrors: Add one of these hard-wired mirrors to your shower and enjoy the ultimate shave. Another relatively inexpensive and simple upgrade that adds a lot of ease and comfort to the morning routine.                                                                                              fog free mirror

There are so many more options, but these are among the most popular these days. Your Project Designer and Project Developer can help you add luxury bathroom technology that is right for you to your next project!

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