A Bathroom Remodel From Start to Finish

Popular network television shows sometimes give false hope to clients who really want to remodel their bathroom or kitchen. What they don’t know is; there is a process for our madness in the remodeling industry – and I am here to show you a little behind the scenes of what happens in between the stages of a bathroom renovation. Let’s get started…

Weeks 1-2:

During this time we start to prep the space with zip walls and put down ram board in the high traffic areas. Before we start demo, we ask that everything is removed from the cabinets and from the space we are working in. As a precaution, we also ask that if any adjacent walls have art on them, that it is removed.

Weeks 2-3:

During the second week of the project we started prepping the walls, ceiling and floor for rough ins for plumbing and electrical.


Weeks 3-4:

At this time, we have started installing tile and the vanity. Now is when things start to pick up in pace. Usually clients go to work and come back to see big changes each day.

Weeks 4-6:

Things start to shape up – we are starting to install the accessories, benches and countertops. This is also when (if in the contract) we start prepping for paint. The designer will make an appointment with the home owner to start to determine what paint will look good with the space!

Weeks 6-7:

During this time all the trim, accessories and painting has been completed. We hope you start using the space to its full extent. We turn back over your keys and do a “final walk” with the team. This is an exciting time! We get to celebrate the work that has been done – and get to see the final project in all its beauty.


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