4 Fresh New Looks for Kitchens

As we roll into fall, minds turn to updating, refreshing and renewing our homes in time for the holidays- if you’ve been thinking about making a few changes in your kitchen, read on…

  1. In a small space, consider using mirrors. Nothing makes a tight area appear large like the creative use of mirrors- don’t worry- we’re not talking Seventies disco ball! The sense of openness and the light reflection they provide can be invaluable for spaces that feel cramped and closed in. How should you use them? First, consider a mirrored backsplash above the countertop. LED undercabinet lights will really help pump up the reflective factor. Worried about spots and streaks? Put them along those walls where food prep and cooking aren’t occurring on a daily basis. Or, mirrored cabinet doors can be incredibly elegant on wall cabinets, again, providing a bright, sparkling and elegant feel. One or the other only, please…mirrored backsplash
  1. Consider adding a touch of brass or rose gold. This is not the highly polished brass you may remember from the Eighties! The new brass and gold finishes displayed at the International Kitchen and Bath Show this year were soft, brushed, antiqued, and gorgeous- and MIXED beautifully with stainless and cooler colors. The main popular colors in kitchens these days tend to be on the cooler side- lots of white, grays, and black, plus the ubiquitous stainless appliances- and adding a touch of a golden metal is a lovely way to warm up a space. It doesn’t have to overpower the room – consider cabinet pulls, or swapping out the appliance handles for brass, or using one of the gorgeous new faucets from Kohler as a focal point…rose gold kitchen details
  1. Move on to marble. But not really. There’s a reason those ancient Greeks and Romans used marble everywhere- it’s gorgeous, classic, and well… they also had a lot of it lying around. The marble look has come on strong in the past few years, and for many traditionally minded people, it never went away. However, I’ve often cautioned clients against using marble in heavy use kitchens. It’s extremely porous and among the softest of the classic countertop stones. If you spill red wine on it, it WILL stain. If you spill olive oil on it, it WILL stain. Heck, even water will leave spots! But there was nothing else that offered the look without the headaches- until now. All of the major quartz manufacturers have come out with stunning replicas of marble that are incredibly realistic and offer the unmatched durability that quartz brings to the table. quartz marble
  1. Finally, the best choices anyone can make for their renovation are the ones that speak to them! While I do encourage clients to make classic choices that will stand the test of time, at the end of the day, you live there, you work in the space, and you see it every day, so your design decisions should be ones that work for you AND bring you joy!  My goal is to help you create a space that you love and that makes you smile every time you walk into the room. Styles and trends come and go, but personal taste is just that- personal! Turn it up a notch and try fresh new looks for kitchens.

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