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Elegant Dining at Home

August 20, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
Everyone loves sitting down to a meal at an elegant table in a fancy restaurant with family and friends. There is something uniquely exciting about the ambiance of an upscale dining experience.

Unfortunately, those experiences can be hard to recreate in our fast-paced lives. Gobbling down hurried orders of takeout pizza in a circle around the television is a lot more commonplace. Making time to slow down and enjoy a nice meal at home is a lot more appealing if you create an inviting, elegant space. Teach the kids some manners, have a romantic dinner with your spouse, or host a fun filled dinner party that doesn’t involve metal folding chairs.

Check out a few simple ideas below that can add a touch of elegance to any dining room.

A glitzy chandelier can make all the difference. Hanging an ornate light fixture over the main table drastically improves the ambiance of the room. Just be sure that you find a fixture that matches the style of your room; you can’t have Hollywood glamour with an oak wood table – keep it consistent.

Want to add some warmth and intimacy to your space? A dark color will do the trick. Find a hue of your favorite color that coordinates with your home. Adding some color and depth to your walls will immediately change the environment and make people feel more relaxed. Consider a dark blue or green for their soothing effects.

Everyone loves candles. If you are trying to add pizzazz to your dining experience, consider incorporating some candles of differing heights. This will add an interesting visual as well as a pretty flicker of firelight on the walls.

If all else fails, think about your fabrics. Plush chairs and dramatic curtains add a feeling of sophistication to your room. Your guests and family can relax and get comfortable in well cushioned seats as they talk about their day and enjoy a delicious meal.

There is no better way to bring everyone together than a delicious meal in an inviting space. Create an inviting environment for your guests and you’ll find that the fun will continue all night.

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Case Design Builds New Tool Library Shed in Arlington

August 14, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Case in the Community
It’s like a library for gardening tools!

The Arlington Public Library Central Branch will unveil a revolutionary lending service housed in a brand new, on-site shed this fall. For Arlington community members who are interested in gardening but want an affordable way to acquire gardening tools, the Tool Library is the answer. Like checking out a library book, community members can swing by and borrow tools of their choice. With the general public’s burgeoning interest in vegetable gardening, getting back to nature, and being eco-friendly, this initiative is sure to be a great success in the Arlington community.

Arlington Library Tool Shed

Case Design is proud to have constructed the Tool Library structure pro bono using materials purchased by the library. We are very happy with the way it turned out and are excited to be a part of this new offering for Arlington residents!

Arlington Library Tool Shed

The Tool Library shed will open early fall 2014 at the Arlington Public Library Central Branch, located between the Ballston and Virginia Square metro stops. For more information or to become a volunteer, visit Arlington County’s website.

Arlington Library Tool Shed
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5 Must Do’s to Survive a Kitchen Renovation with Kids

By Elle Hunter

Living through a kitchen renovation is a daunting process no matter your life circumstances, but living without a stove and dishwasher while feeding young children can be especially challenging. This list will help maintain your sanity and keep your kids from becoming starving urchins or drive-thru junkies!

1. Say goodbye to green. Go to Costco, Sams Club or Target and lay in a massive supply of paper plates (spring for the good heavy ones- there is nothing worse than watching your kids’ dinner slide off of a floppy paper plate)  and Solo cups as well as plastic utensils and paper napkins. While you’re at it, buy extra wet wipes too! Will you increase your carbon footprint? Sure. Will you be thrilled to just chuck the remnants of supper in the trash and not have to wash dishes in the bathtub? Absolutely. You can always make up for your temporary lack of earth friendliness with a super efficient new dishwasher.

Traditional Kitchen by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

2. Set up a temporary kitchen if at all possible, preferably in an area with a utility sink- garages and laundry rooms are ideal. If you can’t move your old fridge to this space look into finding an undercounter size fridge on CraigsList. Other important appliances well worth the investment for this area include a small microwave, a coffeemaker, and most importantly a toaster oven that will hold a 12” frozen pizza and/or a 9”x13” pyrex dish. This will be crucial for when sympathetic friends drop off a nice casserole to see you through the darker days. Hopefully they will also include a bottle of wine…

Traditional Kitchen by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

3. Renovate in the warmer months. If you don’t have a gas grill or don’t have space for one, get a $40 Coleman charcoal grill. Grilling is fast, easy and healthy. It’s simple to throw some chicken breasts and sliced zucchini brushed with olive oil onto the grill, and VOILA! There’s supper. Grill some pineapple rings for dessert. Get on Pinterest for some grillspiration- you will be amazed what you can do with a grill. I once made Eggs Benedict complete with homemade hollandaise on a gas grill that had one side burner! (I was young, ambitious, and trying hard to impress my boyfriend’s parents. I did end up marrying him. For a while.)

Traditional Dining Room by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

4. Shelve routine and rules. I am fanatic about sending my kids out the door with a hot protein and complex carb filled breakfast. Every day of the school year. But when we renovated our kitchen I had to let it go. For six weeks breakfast consisted of oatmeal bars and fruit or cereal bars and fruit or peanut butter on toast and fruit. And a glass of milk. No one’s grades suffered. Nobody starved to death. It was okay. Just let go and do what is easiest for maintaining simplicity and sanity.

Traditional Kitchen by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

5. Become friends with Mrs. Stouffer, and Mama Celeste, and Mr. Tombstone. Or whatever your favorite frozen food brands are. While you wouldn’t want to feed your kids frozen pizzas and lasagna every day, it’s still cheaper and at least just as healthy as going through the drive through. Add a nice pre-bagged salad and some of those handy microwave veggie steamer bags and you’ve got a pretty good supper.

The average kitchen renovation takes four to eight weeks. Get creative. Be flexible. Stay patient. Look towards the finish line and a beautiful new space that you and your family will enjoy cooking, eating, and hanging out in for years to come!

Elle Hunter is a Director of Project Development at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. She specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, additions, interior and exterior remodels. To see more of her projects, visit her Houzz page.  
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5 Reasons to Renovate NOW!

By Steve Scholl

Ready to renovate? Here are 5 reasons to remodel right away.

  1. It’s your home, the place you start and end every day. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a pleasant environment, one that looks good, works well, and makes life a bit simpler. Start with one room, or even just a corner of a room and make it yours.

  2. Contemporary Kitchen by Falls Church Design-Build Firms Stephen Scholl – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

  3. If you ignore your home – like ignoring your health – you’ll pay for it down the road in both appearance and in deferred repairs that are now more costly because they’ve been ignored.

  4. Farmhouse Kitchen by Falls Church Design-Build Firms Stephen Scholl – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

  5. Taking care of your home shows you care, for you and your friends, your loved ones, your neighborhood. A modest investment like a gallon of paint can make a big difference.

  6. Traditional Bathroom by Falls Church Design-Build Firms Stephen Scholl and Allie Mann – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

  7. With the right folks helping you it can be fun. Even if you’re a “do it yourself-er,” get advice from the internet, an old timer at a hardware store, or a trusted renovation expert. You have resources available to you today to accomplish any project large or small.

  8. Transitional Kitchen by Falls Church Design-Build Firms Stephen Scholl and Allie Mann – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

  9. Don’t wait, labor and material costs are on the rise and there’s no time better to buy than now.

  10. Transitional Dining Room by Falls Church Design-Build Firms Stephen Scholl and Allie Mann – Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Create a “Needs, Wants, Someday” list for your home, then call Case Design/Remodeling to review it with you. Together you can come up with a long term “master plan” for accomplishing your goals that makes both Sense and Cents. It’s easier than you think.

Stephen Scholl is a Director of Project Development at Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Steve is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer as well as a Certified Universal Design Specialist. He specializes in whole house master plans and renovations with an eye towards return on investment and real estate strategies. To see more of his projects, visit his Houzz page.
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How to Know When It’s Time to Renovate

July 30, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling
Renovations give a home new energy and a fresh look, but how do you know when it’s time for your house to undergo major changes? While you don’t need an excuse to redesign parts of your home, here are some examples of when you should get serious about making renovations.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

An Empty Nest

Your home may feel different once your children are grown and have moved out; maybe there are a few empty bedrooms, or a playroom that no longer serves its original purpose. This is a perfect opportunity to renovate! Renovating and redesigning these spaces not only makes the space more functional, but it can also be a great way to start a new chapter in your life. Consider turning a child’s bedroom into a guest room. Choose a calming color palate of cream, gold, and tan to invoke a clean and crisp feel. If there isn’t natural light in the room, installing a large window can help to make the room brighter than a traditional light fixture would. With lots of changes in your life, this new bedroom can become a simple and refreshing oasis.

Eclectic Bedroom by Scotland Interior Designers & Decorators The Couture Rooms

Storm Proofing

Preparing your home for handling severe weather is a great reason to consider outdoor renovations. If your area is prone to gusty winds and storms, enclosing your grill and outdoor kitchen can be a great step in protecting your patio and the exterior walls of your home. Other renovations could include installing storm doors at each entry way, enclosing your patio either with a screen or sun-room, or simply creating a storage room for outdoor furniture when the storms roll in.

Contemporary Patio by Melbourne Interior Designers & Decorators MR.MITCHELL

Traditional Porch by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

When it comes time to sell your home, it’s always a good idea to put your best foot – or kitchen – forward. The kitchen is where many families spend the most time together cooking, eating, doing homework, and catching up. Renovating this space can be a great selling point, especially if you chose to install granite countertops, dark hardwood flooring, and new, energy-efficient appliances. Your potential homebuyer will be thrilled to find out that they will not need to re-do one of the most important rooms in their new home.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

But remember, if you’re searching for a change in your home, any time is a good time to renovate!

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Renovating on a Small Budget

July 24, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling
Renovations don’t have to break the bank. Find out how to make smart choices that keep your remodeling project affordable! Using our tips below, you’ll be able to save some pennies and still enjoy a stunning, revamped home.

Traditional Entry by Novato General Contractors Rasmussen Construction

It’s like couponing: prepare before you splurge. Check out sales and deals in the months leading up to your renovations. There’s nothing better than getting the premium products you’ve been eyeing on major sale. Being patient and waiting for them to go on sale can save you a few pretty pennies.

Consult the experts before taking on any endeavor. Have you met ibby? Ibby is a design/build firm with a twist, and the newest member of the Case family. Ibby strives to make bathroom remodeling easier than it’s ever been before, and they do that through their revolutionary software. You can visualize your bathroom remodel with their 3D renderings, and then find out exactly how much it will cost to put that bathroom in your house! As you select materials from their curated collection, both the rendering and fixed price change in real-time. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, you can do it from anywhere, and it’s totally free.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Leftovers don’t only make for easy meals. Scout out yard sales, buy materials at auctions, or ask your contractor if you can snag leftover materials. Get creative—the scraps may not be quite what you’re looking for, but the art of getting thrifty means seeing the world (or the very least, your renovation options) in an open-minded way.

Modern Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Contemporary Basement by Other Metro Home Builders Homes by DePhillips

We love mahogany flooring as much as the next person—but remember you don’t always need to go for the real McCoy. Swap the expensive wood flooring for affordable alternatives, like a hardwood natural eucalyptus hybrid. Check out Lyptus for an example. Inexpensive flooring can look just as nice.

Contemporary Staircase by Honolulu Architects & Building Designers Lapis Design Partners

Be smart about lighting. Really think about the number and type of light fixtures you install. By choosing fixtures that emit the perfect amount of light for a particular space, you won’t have to buy additional lamps. LED light bulbs often emit a brighter light and longer-lasting light. Also, make the most of natural light when planning your remodeling project and light fixtures.

Traditional Kitchen by New York Architects & Building Designers DF Architect PC

Contemporary Bedroom by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Design By Lisa

Deliver your own goods. Rent a trailer for the day or, if you foresee the project extending over several months, buy a trailer. Keep in mind: it’ll save money and time in the long run.

Renovate the home, but leave major plumbing alone. When considering a bathroom renovation, money can be saved if you install the new sink and toilet in the same locations as the existing.  Reworking the plumbing system can add significant costs to your project.

Eclectic Bathroom by New York Interior Designers & Decorators moment design + productions, llc

Have you renovated without splurging? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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The Icing on Your Renovation

July 16, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling
Remodeling any room in your house is a huge undertaking, and a task certainly not for the faint of heart. Like baking a cake, the success of the renovation really depends on the quality of the icing: in this case, your finishes and fixtures.

Traditional Kitchen by Birmingham Photographers Sylvia Martin

Easily the most prominent fixtures and finishes like lights, appliances, and cabinets can make the huge statements about the rooms they’re in. Making sure your countertops, cabinetry, faucets, light fixtures, and appliances to form a cohesive style can be a challenge, especially when mixing brands.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no right way to choose these and there’s a lot of room for personal preference. There are an infinite number of ways to be creative with your fixtures and finishes and do it right and have it look great. Even without a keen eye for design, with a little help from your remodeler, you can achieve any look, from rustic and Tuscan, to modern and Scandinavian.

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Beyond appearances, these fixtures must serve utilitarian purposes as well. It’s important to pick finishes and fixtures that not only look good, but hold up to daily wear. It’s always a good idea to look at how the room will be used and by whom.
  • Will pets be able to scratch up your cabinets or will children be safe around kitchen countertops?
  • How will light fixture placement impact the feeling of the room?
  • Will daily usage tarnish your sink and faucets?

There are several popular finishes beyond chrome and stainless steel, like brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze, which have gained notoriety for their durability.

Craftsman Kitchen by Point Pleasant Beach Architects & Building Designers Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

There are also some very interesting and innovative finishes emerging in newer remodels which are worth considering. Hideaway sinks give you more prep space and hide your sink when you’re hosting guests. Modular sink basins allow you to mix up how your basin functions and allow you to use it how you want it. Sinks integrated with countertops and seamless sink basins are also becoming more popular as they prove themselves as not only functional, but stylistic.

Contemporary Kitchen Sinks by Lumberton Kitchen & Bath Fixtures BLANCO

Kitchen Sinks by Other Metro

The fixtures and finishes may not be your first thought when picturing your new room, but they are absolutely important. Details can make a huge difference. For many, the help of a professional decorator or designer allows them to rest assured that everything has been accounted for and that they’re guided in their decisions. With a design concierge, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

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Remodel Your Way to the Top: 3 Trends You Ought to Know

July 11, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling
Ready for a fresh start? If you are feeling the pull to renovate and redecorate your home, don’t wait any longer to update your space. For many, deciding where to begin the process can be overwhelming and stressful. These top home remodel trends of 2014 will guide you as you create your dream home.

Modern Bathroom by Solana Beach Architects & Building Designers KW Designs

Peaceful Powder Rooms 

Do you enjoy relaxing weekend getaways at nice hotels? Bring the spa to your home. The trend toward creating a tranquil environment in the bathroom has become very popular with homeowners. The spa bathroom emphasizes walk-in showers, elegant standalone tubs, and modern, resort-style fixtures.

Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Design-Build Firms ART Design Build

Homeowners are embellishing their shower experience. Curb-less showers and rain-simulating showerheads are popular, futuristic designs that enhance the tranquil ambiance. Neutral, monochromatic color schemes and clean lines bring your bathroom a spacious, serene look. Turn your bathroom into your very own spa to rest and reduce stress in your already busy life.

Contemporary Kitchen by Minneapolis Architects & Building Designers TEA2 Architects

Lounge in the Kitchen

As the heart of the home, many homeowners want their kitchen area to also serve the central area that accommodates multitasking friends and family. Install an open floor plan or create a kitchen lounge to effortlessly connect the kitchen and living room. Remodeling the kitchen to include a living area will allow room for you and your family to finish homework, send emails, and chat while preparing meals.

Modern Kitchen by Seattle Architects & Building Designers BAAN design

Redesign your kitchen with sleek fixtures to complete this year’s remodeling trend of modern kitchens. Neutrals, glosses, chrome, and stainless steel give the space a modern and spacious feel.

Traditional Porch by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Contemporary Patio by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Stephanie Sabbe

Outdoor Spaces

Whether you have a large yard or a city-style balcony, an outdoor living space is the perfect way to extend your home. This current trend relies heavily on nature. A traditional porch or balcony can be upgraded with glass features, trendy ceiling fans, and sophisticated tile. Fire pits further complement outdoor spaces—as well as a useful feature in social gatherings and BBQs. For an enclosed patio, incorporate large windows, skylights, and doors to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Tropical Patio by Sarasota General Contractors Bella Luna Services, Inc.

By implementing these trendy options, you and your family are sure to enjoy fresh design in your home.

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Must Have Modern Home Features

July 3, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling
The modern home comes in many shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. The key to modernizing your space is focusing on individual features that can add a distinctive sense of creativity and flare. Modern homes have one consistent theme – they are unique. Decide what colors make you most comfortable and what styles best suit your personality. Incorporating your personal taste is the best way to add some modern touches to your home.

Need some ideas to modernize your home? Check out some unique features that will add a modern touch to your space while still keeping the comfortable feel of your home that you already love.

Modern Exterior by Toronto Photographers Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Spicy Stair Cases

Staircases are a great way to show your flare for modernity. Staircases are extremely versatile; there are a variety of options you can incorporate to construct a contemporary and unique look.  Colored stairs add a pop of fun to your space and offer a unique central point for your room.

Midcentury Staircase by Austin Architects & Building Designers Webber + Studio, Architects

Another option is spiral stairs. If you need to contribute some character to your space, spiral staircases are a great way to achieve that goal. Iron work on the railing and spindles offers an understated classic look with a modern twist.

Mediterranean Home Office by Redondo Beach Architects & Building Designers Pritzkat & Johnson Architects

Wacky Wallpaper

Wallpaper creates an accent for your space without having to invest in artwork. The patterns and colors in one portion of your room add a sense of flare that does not come with solid colored walls. You can use wall paper as an accent for an entire wall or behind bookshelves for a more subtle look.

Eclectic Family Room by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O’Hara Interiors

Different patterns can facilitate the mood of the room. Dark colors and bold, smooth lines can have a calming effect while smaller images and brighter colors provide a more exciting atmosphere. Consider calming accents for bedrooms and brighter colors for rooms where entertaining and family gathering take pace.

Midcentury Living Room by Other Metro Photographers Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

Fancy Fire Pits

Fire pits are the modern touch to a backyard BBQ. Traditional outdoor social gatherings with a grill and food can be upgraded with a fire pit. Fire pits provide an area for social gatherings and facilitate conversation. Consider an above ground fire pit with surrounding chairs for a casual setting.

Contemporary Patio by Toronto Photographers Andrew Snow Photography

If you are looking for an even more modern twist on the above ground fire pit, consider an in ground pit with step-down seating. This feature ads more permanency and creates a more inviting environment.

Gobs of Glass

Glass accents in the kitchen and bathroom create a clean look in your space. Glass gives the impression that a room is larger and can be incorporated in a variety of inventive ways.

Glass sinks are a wonderful way to incorporate modern style into your bathroom without having to do a complete renovation. Interesting sinks create a unique touch of sophistication no matter the size of your room.

Modern Spaces by Newport Beach Kitchen & Bath Designers maestrobath

Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

An alternate way to add a touch of glass to your home is with a creative light fixture. Unique lighting can be the focal point of the room and allows you to express your personal style in a modern way.

Contemporary Living Room by Houston Furniture & Accessories High Fashion Home

Traditional Dining Room by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

No matter what methods you use to incorporate some modern flare into your home, be sure to choose decorative options that allow you to reflect your personal space. Modern trends will come and go, but your personal taste is timeless.

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Cool Off This Summer in Your Own Pool

June 27, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling
There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cool dip in a pool. Why not include the pool of your dreams in your own backyard to provide some relief from the sweltering sun? Pools come in all shapes, sizes, and designs – there is an option for every taste and space.

Contemporary Pool by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers TaC studios, architects

Working with a limited space? Long lap pools can be a perfect solution to a small backyard for active swimmers. Use the lap function for a great workout or let friends and family take a dip while you entertain. Lay out neutral-colored stones and plant tall trees to create a natural look while also creating privacy for you and your guests.

Traditional Pool by Burnaby Pools & Spas Alka Pool Construction Ltd

Pools do not always have to be surrounded by concrete decks. If you are looking for a sophisticated and softer look, consider a thin concrete frame surrounded by lush grass. By adding gradual steps to one end, it allows swimmers to safely enter the water without the use of a railing, yet another great feature of this design.

Traditional Porch by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

For the days where a dip into the pool isn’t quite enough relief from the heat, consider covering part of the pool patio with an enclosed porch. By providing an area of shade, as well as a way to install additional cooling options, you can enjoy all the best aspects of a summer day while bring protected from the sun. Use outdoor furniture and potted plants to help make the perfect entertainment space.

Tropical Pool by San Marcos Landscape Contractors DeMaria Landtech Inc

Want to make your pool your family’s grand escape? Planting tropical flowers and trees will bring a beautiful island vibe to your pool. Install a waterfall for a peaceful sound and include a slide for additional pool time fun. Your friends and family will be having such a good time they’ll forget they’re not on vacation!

Traditional Pool by Wheeling Pools & Spas Platinum Poolcare

If you find yourself entertaining often during the summer months, make your pool the focal point of your backyard. By creating a large pool, it allows for lots of water activities. Also, consider setting up a large slide that the kids will love. For the adults, include a small hot tub off to the side for relaxation. Set up lounge chairs and swing sets so that everyone can enjoy the summer days together.

Including a pool in your backyard will surely make even the hottest of days fun and entertaining.

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