Partial Vs. Full Kitchen Remodel

Our clients were interested in a partial kitchen remodel. They are very visual people and were intrigued by our 3D renderings, which would allow them to easily visualize their new kitchen design. Project Developer Gizem Ozkaya and Designer Elena Eskandari worked together on designs and Elena created stunning renderings.

The team also put together initial 2D floor plans to help the clients visualize where their new cabinetry would be located. The green areas are new cabinets, the rest are existing.

Below are the beautiful 3D renderings Elena created. She also included two color schemes to help the clients decide whether they wanted a painted grey or a stained wood cabinet. The wood is on the left, gray on the right.

Gizem and Elena decided to also share what was possible if the clients chose to undergo a full kitchen remodel. After listening to their client’s goals for the project, our team thought it was worth it to at least show the client their options.

Below is the design option for a full renovation.

Elena created more stunning renderings for the full kitchen remodel.

After seeing the improvement in layout and how the design really accommodated all their goals for the space, our clients actually changed their minds on a partial remodel and decided to go for a full kitchen renovation.

Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!



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