Outdoor Oasis in the City

Michael O’Hearn, Director of Project Development, and Ellen Linstead Whitmore, Director of our Architectural Studio, have been working together to help their client create an at-home outdoor oasis. During the design process, Ellen prepared multiple renderings to help her client envision their new outdoor space.

Let’s take a look at the current space and two of the design options…

Here is a rendering of the current space:

Some of the client’s goals for the project include:

  • Privacy from apartments behind
  • Functions/uses – dining, cooking, seating
  • Storage – garden supplies, ladder and tools, cushions
  • Shade/rain cover – permanent or adjustable

They also want to include the following features:

  • Built Elements – Pergola, storage, focal features
  • Lighting – repetition of fixtures, post-mounted, wall lights, string lights
  • Plants – containers, green wall, in-ground
  • Furniture and décor – existing dining table, seating area, wall art, fire pit and/or water feature

After listening to our client’s goals for the project, our team put together two different schemes.

Here is Scheme A:

This design accomplishes many of our client’s goals. See below for some of the inspiration photos we shared.

Next up is Scheme B.

Scheme B is another great option. Below are some of the inspiration photos we shared for Scheme B.


Thanks to Michael O’Hearn and Ellen Linstead Whitmore for all of their hard work. We can’t wait to see this project come to life!


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