Kelly Dean


"The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living. The assumption is that somewhere, hidden, is a better way of doing things."

-Harry Bertoia


I joined Case in 2021 after six years in the building industry. As a child I was surrounded by creative people who inspired me to find beauty in the world, or, if I couldn’t find it, create it myself. My father, an exceptional craftsman, my uncle, an architect, who made me consider the structures I encountered, my grandfather, a construction foreman, who knew how to fix anything, and my mother, who takes every opportunity to make the world around her more beautiful. These are the people who shaped me. Even before I was a professional designer, I followed my mother’s lead, working to make the spaces I inhabited both beautiful and functional. The day that I decided to merge my passion and my profession I realized that I had found my purpose.

A remodel does more than create an aesthetic change. Beautifully designed spaces provide a calming, rejuvenating break from the stress of the chaotic world outside our doors. When you walk in a room and you are greeted by colors, finishes, and shapes that you love, you will find joy. Even after the initial excitement of the remodel has worn off, there will be a comfortable ease that you will find in the space and a joy that will continue to live in the background. Equally as important as the look and feel of a space is its functionality. If your redesigned space is beautiful, but does not accommodate your needs, it is a failure. I see designing as a puzzle to be solved. When done well, all the pieces fit into place.

Outside of work I collect stamps in my passport as often as possible, take photographs of interesting people and places, always have a book in my bag, get crushed at concerts, and enjoy as much time as possible with my family, my friends, my boyfriend of fifteen years, David, and my cat LugNut. He was found, as a kitten, under a truck, outside a tire shop, hence the name.

Education & Certificates

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Art History from the University of Virginia
  • Associates of Applied Science in Interior Design from Northern Virginia Community College
  • Associates of Applied Science in Photography from Northern Virginia Community College