At Case, we have a long history – more than 50 years – redesigning and remodeling homes in the Washington region. In that time, we’ve built a team of professional and visionary craftsmen, honed our skills and talents, developed a vast network of suppliers, and created a long list of satisfied customers. We also employ our low-cost, proprietary planning and remodeling process – our CaseStudy™ home remodeling process – to guarantee customer satisfaction.

During your CaseStudy, we’ll guide you through every step of the home remodeling process, so it’s not overwhelming or chaotic. And, we’ll use 3D virtual renderings to help you reimagine the possibilities for your new kitchen, bath or living space. With Case, you can feel confident that we’ll apply our experience, resources, and capabilities in order to transform your dreams into reality – on time and within budget.


The first step in the CaseStudy process is a preliminary meeting where we have an opportunity to listen to your vision and wish list for the space. In that session, you’ll be able to speak with a skilled remodeling specialist who understands style, respects budgets, and knows how to navigate the remodeling process. You’ll learn about current design trends and be introduced to the ins-and-outs of material selections. We’ll also introduce you to our many resources and walk you through our no-risk CaseStudy process. And, we’ll discuss important project considerations, such as budgeting, construction planning, and timelines.


During the Design phase of the CaseStudy process, we’ll document every inch of your space by measuring and photographing it, and checking for any restrictions. We’ll also begin to explore design options by sketching different floor plans. Then, we’ll present three different design concepts, using a combination of virtual 3D renderings, sketches, elevations, and even virtual reality videos. With them, we’ll propose preliminary material selections from our design studios in Bethesda, DC and Falls Church and begin to define budgeting scenarios, timeframes, and specifications.


Once we receive feedback from you on the three options presented, we’ll refine the design and specifications. With your comprehensive CaseStudy plan in place, you’ll have all of the information you need to work with the Case Design Team and make well-informed decisions on your interior finishes, cabinetry, tile, countertops, and more. We’ll meet at our design studios in Bethesda, DC or Falls Church, so you can see all of the nuances of your options and offer you guidance and expertise as you make your choices. Once you’ve made your product selections, we’ll record every detail within a Construction Contract, specifying your design finishes, material selection, and construction requirements.


When it’s time for the Build phase, you’ll meet with your Project Manager and talk about next steps during an on-site project review. From that very first nail, we pay great attention to craftsmanship and quality. We also strive to make remodeling as painless as possible for you; treating your home as if it was our own and causing as little disruption as we can. Best of all, we’ll complete your project on time and within budget. It’s all of these small but important details that contribute to bringing all that you reimagined to life.