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Modern and Unique Kitchen Sinks

February 15, 2013. Posted by design admin to Kitchen Remodeling
Choosing a kitchen sink isn’t as easy as one might think. Style, size, shape, material, finish, color, and even texture may all play a role in the quest for the perfect kitchen sink. However, style and related matters always become the most pressing issues, as these elements dictate both the look and functionality of a kitchen sink. A modern kitchen sink is quite different from the type many of us may have grown up with. A major difference is in the installation, with most modern sinks now positioned underneath the countertop, as apposed to the drop-in, overlay style of days gone by. With an undermount sink kitchen countertop space expands by a square inch or two and creates a cleaner, more continuous look that’s typical of modern style. kitchen sink

Image courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Undermount sinks and similarly installed farmhouse sinks are growing in popularity and have become the rule more than the exception for a few reasons. The deeper style holds more volume, the sink is positioned lower and closer to the user making use more comfortable, and the simple look works well with a variety of kitchen styles. A unique kitchen sink can become a focal point in the room while remaining highly functional. Here’s a rundown of both modern and unique kitchen sink styles and designs that may inspire ideas for the new sink station in your own kitchen remodel. Undermount sinks. Undermount sinks tend to be deeper and wider than your typical drop-in sink. These sinks offer the advantages of a seamless design and improved function because they hold more volume, so dirty dishes don’t have to take up countertop space or leave the kitchen looking cluttered. Undermount sinks come in single and dual-compartment styles, depending on your kitchen’s needs. If you like to keep a dish drainer or other accessories inside the sink and off the countertop, a dual-compartment undermount sink may be a better choice for your kitchen. Keep in mind that undermount sinks don’t work well with wood or laminate countertops and are better suited to stone slab or tile counter designs. undermount sink kitchen

Image courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Farmhouse sinks. Also called apron-front sinks or simply farm sinks, these unique kitchen sinks have an old-fashioned look that can match the aesthetic of nearly any kitchen style. Farmhouse sinks are even deeper than undermount sinks and are typically designed as a single compartment. The exposed apron-front design brings the sink to the counter’s edge and the undermount installation places it below the countertop. kitchen sinks

Image courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

Extending slightly past the edge of the countertop, the exposed front of a farmhouse sink gives it that country or cottage look. The design makes it easier to stand over the sink, which can be more comfortable and better for the back. It also creates a clean, contemporary look that seems to match any style. unique kitchen sink

Image courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

While the classic farmhouse sink is porcelain stark white, we’re seeing more of these sinks available in a wider range of materials, colors, and textures, such as the custom granite farm sink pictured above and the copper farm sink pictured below. modern kitchen sink

Image courtesy of Venegas and Company

Custom concrete cast sinks. Concrete sinks may sound cold, hard, and industrial, but they come in a range of colors and offer a lot of design benefits such as affordability, the look and feel of continuous countertops, and the option for custom designs according to a space’s needs. The concrete sink pictured below is a farm sink-style extension of the concrete countertops. unique kitchen sinks

Image courtesy of Frank Valdes

Custom molds and pours of concrete sinks and countertops allow for unique designs and custom solutions, such as the built-in countertop dish drainage system pictured above. More unique kitchen sinks. If you prefer a more traditional sink or you simply don’t like the newer farmhouse and undermount sink styles, consider one of these unique kitchen sink styles instead. wall mount sink

Image courtesy of Dona Rosene Interiors.

A repurposed antique wall-mount sink provides a lot of function and style in this kitchen, with two oversized compartments, a built-in dish-drying platform with drainage, and three lower storage cabinets. undermount kitchen sink

Image courtesy of Melissa Miranda Interior Design.

A simple stainless steel undermount sink allows a beautiful marble countertop to take center stage in this modern kitchen. island sink

Image courtesy of Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction.

A second sink in the island improves the kitchen work triangle and provides a place for quick water access that doesn’t disrupt activity at the main sink. porcelain undermount sink This dual compartment porcelain undermount sink is perfect for washing fresh produce as the kitchen’s second sink, leaving the main sink for dirty dishes and other cleaning-related tasks, in this Case Design kitchen remodel. modern kitchen sinks An oversized dual compartment undermount sink provides two sinks in one while maintaining the seamless look of continuous countertops and blending with the other stainless steel appliances in this kitchen by Case Design.
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