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Greening the Kitchen Can Be a Breeze

April 7, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
The peppers and broccoli don’t have to be the only things that are green in your kitchen. There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly, and we’re here to help. The cost is low and the benefits are high, so let us show you how to create a sustainable kitchen that will make you feel good about protecting the environment and cutting energy costs.

Paint Me (Green or Anywhere in Between)

Transforming your kitchen into a sustainable hub starts on the walls. Color the space with low-or-no-volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint—that is, paint with little or no harmful carbon-containing compounds. The eco-friendly choice cancels out harmful chemicals that typically seep out long after regular paint is coated on. You’ll find your low-or-no VOC options sold at most major paint manufacturers.

Wood You Be Mine?

If we’re talking sustainability, then it’s all about bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly (like, three to four months quick) without fertilizers and pesticides (the earth says thank you). Provided that it’s cared for properly, the biodegradable wood makes for a durable base, making it a prime alternative to hardwood flooring. Go with bamboo and you’ll get the warmth and elegance of traditional wood with a material that’s simpler to install, better for the environment, and less harsh on the budget.

Scrub Up

Dishwasher or hand washer? Surprisingly, you end up using more water when scrubbing up by hand. Toss the dishes into the dishwasher; you can skip on the pre-wash too if you’re feeling particularly water-usage conscious. If you’re thinking of switching out the current dish washer for its energy-efficient alterative, look for features like a stainless steel interior, filtration system, or a condensation drying option.

Give It the Green Light

Light your kitchen the sustainable way with environmentally-friendly bulbs.  Energy-saving incandescent bulbs, for example, can last up to three times longer than traditional bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), on the other hand, use about one-fourth the energy of a regular bulb. Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs convert electricity into light—and, while typically known for indicator and traffic lights, can make for a suitable energy-efficient, sustainable lighting source to shine into the kitchen.

How have you transformed your kitchen into a sustainable space? Tell us in the comments section!

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Thinking Green on St. Patrick’s Day

March 14, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling
St. Patrick’s Day is Monday, which for most means corned hash, Guinness, and the color green. However, when we at Case Design hear “think green,” we aren’t just thinking of adding a splash of emerald green to the walls or a throw pillow on the couch. Our team of project developers and designers will focus on making your home more eco-friendly. While many people look for energy-efficiency in new home construction, what most people don’t recognize is that older homes—like so many in the Washington, DC metropolitan area—can achieve great results with just a few simple renovations.

With temperatures (hopefully) rising soon, an investment in energy-efficient window panes may take a backseat to the installation of new ceiling fan fixtures. Ceiling fans are great because they can help cut down on AC energy bills by using wind-chilling effects to help you feel cool. Nowadays, ceiling fans aren’t just a utility, they can add design elements to your room too.

In addition to cooling, another savvy renovation in hot summer months is the move towards more efficient plumbing: be it sinks, showers, or toilets. New faucets and showerheads can deliver equal or better performance with reduced water usage through faucet aerators and lower-flow showerheads. These new fixtures are often easy to integrate into any bathroom.

In addition to replacing larger, older appliances in the kitchen with more energy-efficient ENERGY STAR ones, you can save on energy costs by better utilizing natural lighting and opening space for your appliances to work properly. When space allows in your redesign, relocating your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from warm appliances like your stove, oven, and dishwasher will cut down on the energy required to keep it cool.

These tips just scratch the surface of what’s possible when seeking to make your home green during a renovation. The U.S. Green Building Council maintains a comprehensive website for all things green during remodeling as a resource. Further, Case designers are always willing to discuss options with you on how your renovation can also be a move towards a greener future.

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Margaret H. – Case Design Spotlight

March 7, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Client Spotlight, Kitchen Remodeling
After working with Case Design on several small design projects, Margaret and her husband Bob decided to enlist the firm to get started on a larger renovation. “I trusted them and I live close to one of their main offices, so I always saw their advertisements. It made sense to go through Case,” Margaret explained.

Margaret asked her Case Project Developer Richard Rocco and Architectural Designer TJ Monahan to add a new room and renovate her kitchen. During the initial discussion, she realized just how much this would change the overall layout of the home. In order for Margaret to visualize just how the home would change, TJ designed a 3D model of the home. “It was really cool,” Margaret said. TJ also created three different designs that ranged from simple to elaborate. Ready to take the plunge, Margaret and her husband decided to go with the more elaborate design.

After: Kitchen

Margaret said her Case Design Team made her feel comfortable for the entire duration of the renovation. Since the project took place during the winter, Case made sure Margaret and her family stayed warm. “I don’t know if last winter wasn’t as bad as this one, but it definitely didn’t seem as though a wall in my home was missing,” she explained. “The team showed that they cared and we got to know them as part of the family during the renovation.”

Case also made Margaret feel comfortable customizing the design that TJ created for her. She liked samples that she chose from the Case Design showroom, but wanted something even more unique for her kitchen countertop. “My husband is a geologist and so he was very particular about where we got our granite. The team helped me find that special material,” she recalled.

After: Kitchen

Now that Margaret’s kitchen is fully renovated and her extra room is complete, she and her husband use the new space as a music room. “He plays the cello and I play the viola. It’s a great place to practice and it’s right in our home. We’re a part of a string quartet, and the other members come to our house to practice,” she beamed. Both the new room and the kitchen also feature large windows that Margaret says “really bring the outdoors inside.”

After: Dining Room

A veteran Case customer, Margaret says that she would definitely choose Case to complete any other renovations she may take on in the future. Upon hearing that the design firm won the 2013 National Capitol Business Ethics Award from the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, Margaret said, “They are worth the money and I’ve developed really great relationships with everyone who worked on my home. I’m not surprised they won. They’re straight shooters.”
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Case Design Spotlight – Nancy H.

Nancy H.’s parents were coming to move in with her in her multi-level home. In order to prepare for their arrival, Nancy needed to make some significant changes to her guest bathroom. Having heard great things about Case Design and doing some research online, she decided to hire the firm to complete a bathroom remodel.

Nancy was assigned a Project Designer and a Project Manager who guided her through the process of choosing materials for the space, including a special safety railing for her parents’ new bathroom. As the remodel was underway, Nancy began to add more projects to her plate, and she wanted these updates to be special. Over the course of almost two years, Nancy and her Case team completed a major overhaul of her home. The remodel included changes to her staircases, carpets, kitchen, garage, ceilings and walls.

Remodeling a home is not always easy for contractors or clients. Watching the many changes her home was undergoing, Nancy, on occasion, became nervous. The Project Designer “calmed [her] down” by involving her in every single step of the process and adjusting designs and switching out materials as needed. “I am very hands on,” Nancy said, “and they were very patient with me and all my questions.”

The best part of the process for Nancy was having such an attentive team. “My Project Designer came to hardware stores with me to talk me through the design elements for my projects. That’s not typical of a contractor firm and I couldn’t do it alone. With the individualized service that you get from Case, the price is really worth it,” she explained.

Nancy’s designer helped her achieve the special look she desired and was “accommodating and friendly” throughout the extensive process. During construction Nancy said the electricians, plumbers and other Case team members were not disruptive and she enjoyed having them around. “After that long, I really got to know everyone very well. They got used to me asking questions while they were working and didn’t mind.”

Our self-proclaimed “hands on” client Nancy ended up with a beautiful space and is now enjoying it with friends and family. “We love everything. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that we don’t think, ‘How beautiful is all of this?’” Nancy says that she would recommend hiring Case Design to her friends, and is also hoping to come back for another remodeling project.

As we congratulated Nancy on her great remodel, she congratulated us on receiving the 2013 National Capitol Business Ethics Award from the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. “My Case team was very attentive and did a great job. It’s terrific that they won!”  Satisfied clients like Nancy help us earn these great honors. Thank you, Nancy!

Think you’re ready to have your own Case Design remodeling experience? Contact us at 202-556-2273. Our team is waiting to hear from you!
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Picking Your Kitchen: Urban Minimalism vs. Country Home

December 4, 2013. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
Thanksgiving is over and if your holiday went anything like ours did, you are ready to take a nice long break from the kitchen. Alas, it’s just not possible. So instead, why not consider a kitchen remodel? It will freshen up your home and hopefully inspire many meals to come! We’ll go over two of the hottest styles so you can choose which fits your life and home the best.

Urban Minimalism

Associated with the chic city loft space, urban minimalism is a style that focuses on clean lines and simple color schemes. The kitchen is often the most chaotic space in the house, so consider this style a counterbalance. For every extra cook in the kitchen you will have a clean counter space and for every greasy dish a sleek appliance to clean it.

Seems too simple? Don’t let anyone tell you minimalism can’t come with a bit of flair. Try injecting some fun into your room with small colorful decorations. This DC home features a simple white and dark brown color scheme with shocks of color from fresh fruit, flowers and a retro Coca Cola ad. Simple? Yes. Boring? No.

Country Home

Big on personality and not afraid to show it? Maybe something more “country home” is your style. Instead of the clean lines and simplicity of the urban minimalism, country homes feature soft, warmer colors and more ornate furnishings.

Don’t be afraid to uses dishes and cooking accessories as decorations, this style invites it! Ornate serving plates, colorful mixers and hanging cookware give this style a lived- in feel. Fresh fruit and flowers fit here too- you use the kitchen, make sure you show it. Try lighter colored wood for furniture, and mix and match oriental rugs for added comfort.

So there you have it. Two beautiful styles perfect for the DC area where urban and farmland are a short drive apart, but don’t think they are the only options. If you consider yourself a little bit country and a little bit city, consider combining the two for a transitional look. The styles are the ends of a spectrum, so have fun dialing it in exactly where you want it.

So, which do you prefer? Which matters more: your personal style or the location of your home?

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Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Honored with National Capital Business Ethics Award

Press Release – November 2013 (Bethesda, MD) – Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., a full-service residential remodeling firm with offices in Maryland and Virginia, was recently named the winner of the National Capital Business Ethics Award (NCBEA), Medium Company Category, presented by the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Nominated by Mark Dolfis of AXA-Advisors, Case was honored for its strong commitment to the highest level of ethical business practices in daily operations, management philosophies and response to crises and challenges.

An independent panel of judges drawn from business, academia, public service and the ethics community evaluates the entries based upon the CEO’s and senior officers’ commitments to business ethics via an established corporate code of ethics that communicates the company’s requirements for honesty, integrity and compliance with the law. A company is also evaluated on how ethics are a living part of the company’s philosophy, culture and everyday business operations that ensures the fair and consistent treatment of all parties involved, among other criteria.

Susan Koch, an NCBEA judge, states, “In an industry where companies disappear as quickly as they pop‐up. Case stands strong at more than 50 years and counting. They are working to raise the level of ethical standards through a Remodeling Industry Award program they created as well as through active participation in a national associations’ government affairs committee.” During the NCBEA gala in October, Koch also mentioned Case’s five-year warranty on its work as well as Case’s employees who have been with the company 10 to 30 years. “Those same employees proudly serve the community through a company‐wide initiative called Case Cares where they make a difference in the lives of others through their collective accomplishments,” Koch says. “Our visit to Case was filled with people telling me it’s the best company they’ve ever worked for.”

“Winning the National Capital Business Ethics Award is a true honor and testament to Case’s commitment to doing the right thing,” says Bruce Case, president and CEO of Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. “Lots of businesses talk about ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it. We dig deeper. Since Fred Case began the home remodeling business in 1961, he has built on a foundation of beliefs that drive our daily decisions and that target our focus. They are what make Case special. And they are captured in three simple words – Value, Design, Respect – beliefs that are simple, but not easy. No one is as committed to them as Case is and no one brings the breadth to execute them as we do.”

Case will now be entered in the American Business Ethics Awards, the Society of Financial Service Professionals nationwide program recognizing companies that exemplify the highest level of ethical behavior in everyday business practices.

About Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Founded in 1961, Case Design/Remodeling is a full-service residential remodeling company built on generations of precise craftsmanship, inspiring design and superior service commitment to its clients. From the Case offices in Bethesda, Maryland and Falls Church and Williamsburg, Virginia, to the custom design studios in Bethesda, Maryland and Falls Church, Virginia, Case collaborates with clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region to bring added dimension, knowledge and skill to every experience. During its 52 years, Case has been honored with more than 100 awards for excellence in design and craftsmanship, superior client service, outstanding business innovation, and cutting-edge technology and marketing, including two 2013 Peninsula Housing & Builders Association Showcase Awards. Case Cares initiatives include working with local schools via Hands on DC, donating to The Loading Dock (a nonprofit building materials reuse center) as well as church groups, and assisting with blood drives, homeless shelters via HomeStretch and Friendship Place, and victims of natural disasters. Case also built a one-level home for an injured Iraq vet with Homes for Our Troops. For more information about Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., go to or call 800.513.2250.

See more on the NCBEA website:

Media Contact: Sherry Moeller, MoKi Media, 301.807.0910,
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Cozy Breakfast Nooks the Whole Family Will Enjoy

October 16, 2013. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
Excess space in the kitchen provides the homeowner with a perfect area to create a relaxing and cozy dining area. A breakfast nook is the ideal place for the family to gather before walking out the door to start a hectic day. Take a moment in the mornings to make your coffee, read the paper, relax, and have breakfast with the family. Read our inspiring ideas below to help you envision your comfy breakfast nook today!

Natural Light

Installing large windows is the perfect way to use natural light in your dining area. They provide you with sunlight and allow you to play with different window fixtures to personalize and style your area. Use detailed window designs for added character.


Breakfast nooks offer many options for built-in storage space. A wrap-around bench with cushions over in-seat cubbies can provide hidden space for any excess kitchen supplies that need a home. Install drawers underneath your seating area for easy access to storage. Play with different cushion patterns and designs for added color and personality.

Play With Pillows

Pillows make your breakfast nook all the more enjoyable. Aside from providing comfort, they can be exchanged as the seasons change for a simple design revamp. Use bright pillows in the summer months and transition to darker and more neutral tones for the fall and winter seasons.

Reading Space

If natural light isn’t available, adding a chandelier or other light fixtures helps you transform your breakfast nook into a cozy reading area. Comfy pillows and ample seating allow you to create a space that everyone can enjoy. Install cabinets and shelves that provide added storage space and can double as a makeshift bookshelf.

Isn’t your day so much better when you enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your family first thing?

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Give your city kitchen a more open, high-end feel

August 28, 2013. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
All urbanites share a certain mindset – the willingness to trade privacy and square footage for the energy and immediacy of city living. Yet even the most passionate DC dweller won’t deny that a liiiiittttttle more kitchen space (or at least the illusion of it) wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Considering the size of most DC rowhouses and condos, it’s not possible to put in the enormous, open-plan kitchen so popular in the ‘burbs. But with a few design tricks you can give your home a perfect little gem of a kitchen.

Just remember that the city’s not for everyone. When researching contractors, expect to encounter the “DC Bias,” the unwillingness of certain contractors to deal with the hassles of working downtown. You’ll hear about the traffic, lack of parking, difficult building superintendents, schlepping materials up stairs or in tiny elevators, and so on. All very real concerns, but also all very solvable. Once you do find a contractor, make sure he or she has experience working in the city – otherwise you can count on extra delays and difficulties.

Here are a few initial thoughts on maximizing your city kitchen:

First, do a little prep work

Getting the kitchen you want means giving up the kitchen you have. To cover the basics, set up a “satellite kitchen” in another room with a coffeemaker, microwave, crock pot, and maybe a burner. Use disposable plates and cutlery, and make peace with ordering more take-out than you’re used to. After all, isn’t the abundance of great restaurants one of the benefits of downtown living?

If you can’t go out, go up

The best way to make a small space work is by going vertical. Building cabinets or open shelves all the way to the ceiling gives the eye an upright line to follow and increases the perceived height of the room. Break up a bulky wall of cabinets with a streamlined vent hood over the range. Adding crown molding or architectural detailing on the ceiling creates a similar effect by drawing the eye upward.

Make your storage space work for you

Recessing shelves into the walls offers storage without eating up valuable space. Another trick is replacing solid cabinet fronts with glass. The depth of the cabinets makes the room feel wider. Maximize this effect by keeping cabinet contents neat and monochromatic. Clutter and contrasting colors make a room feel crowded. The same goes for your recessed shelves; they should be trimmed and finished to blend with the background. You can also make the space feel larger by not cluttering up countertops. A well-placed appliance garage allows you to conceal a coffeemaker and toaster while keeping them within easy reach.

Keep it light

More lighting makes everything look bigger and brighter. Under-cabinet lights make prep work and cooking easier, while pendant lights create a little ambiance over a table or island. When it comes to natural light, you might not be able to add or move windows, but you can make the most of what you have by avoiding grandiose window treatments. If privacy is a concern, try a sleek opaque shade that lets in light while keeping prying eyes at bay.

Stick to a simple color scheme

Everyone knows that light colors open up a room and dark tones make it feel smaller. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be a stark, sterile white. Use several shades of white or a similar lighter shade to create a little contrast, but not too much, since sudden shifts from dark to light can close up a room. Selecting colors that harmonize with each other keeps things feeling serene and expansive. This tone-on-tone look also hides depth differences while making everything look bigger.

For help with expanding and updating your city kitchen please contact Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. today.
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Kitchens by Case

August 21, 2013. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It should be functional, inviting and vibrant, but also reflect your own personality and style. Playing with different cabinets, countertops, layouts and appliances allows each homeowner to cater to their individual tastes to create a space that is both useful and beautiful. The Case Design studio provides customers with a collection of cabinets and countertops and lets you visualize your perfect kitchen. So whether you’re the next top chef, or you choose to do little cooking, the kitchen of your dreams is right around the corner. Take a look at some of the kitchens Case Design has created and get inspired!

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated look. Whether you plan to use stainless steel as the main attraction of the space or as an accent to the other features of the room, using this metallic grey finish is sure to give your kitchen a sleek look.

Colorful and Creative Backsplash

While the backsplash may not be the first thing people notice when they come into your kitchen, creating one with colorful and creative designs is sure to leave a lasting impression. Using different textures and colors lets you play with different themes and create a look that you love.


Creating a kitchen with an island is a great way to add space for storage, cooking and eating. An island with a built in sink provides the perfect countertop for cooking and baking, with easy clean up. Add some bar stools and your island transforms into a spot for the kids to have their afternoon snacks.

Contrasting Countertops

The countertops cover most of the kitchen space, so you want to create one that is appealing to the eye and fits in with the overall theme of your kitchen. Marble is an increasingly popular accent to the kitchen and creates an elegant look. In addition, the countertops let you play with contrasting tones and colors to create an original style.


Organization is key to creating a functional kitchen. Creating areas to keep pots, pans and spices is an easy way to make cooking and entertaining a breeze.

Breakfast Area

Crafting a breakfast area creates a space for the family to sit down and relax before everyone’s hectic schedules get in the way. These spaces provide the perfect spot to get together and can also serve as a place for after school activities like homework and arts and crafts.

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Before and After: From Simple to Sophisticated

Go ahead and admit it, everyone loves a good before and after story. The idea and process of taking something old or tired and making it fresh and new is both exciting and rewarding. Before and after projects provide a sense of accomplishment when you consider how far you’ve been to how far you’ve come. In the home, transforming a room – or the entire home – can give you and your family an up to date feel. So let’s take a walk down memory lane, take a look at our three favorite before and after projects by Case Design.

Helpful hint: Always be sure to take photos of your before and after projects so you can see the full impact of your new design.

1) Front Door Refresh

The outside of your home is the first impression that people have when they come to visit. Make sure the exterior (especially the street front) reflects your style and personality. Curb appeal is important for both resale value and home presentation.

In this before and after project, the team painted the home warmer colors. The beige and burgundy tones are inviting and coordinate well with the natural foliage in the yard. The addition of the front step overhang and side rails give the home a unique personality. These cosmetic architectural additions are like a face lift for the front of the house; the small adjustments lead to impressive results.

2) Kitchen Creations

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the area where the family gathers multiple times a day for dining and entertainment. The kitchen should combine both comfort and function to provide your family with an open environment that fits your busy lifestyle.

This project takes an outdated space and improves both the visual appeal and functionality of the space. The construction of the center island and bar stool area provides extra seating and work space. This is a great way for family to gather while cooking an evening meal or a space for children to spread out homework or school projects. The updated hardwoods, wall color alteration, and mosaic sconces create a sophisticated atmosphere.

3) Restroom Reconstruct

The bathrooms in your home get a lot of wear and tear, especially if you entertain regularly or have a big family. These spaces need to be open, clean, and well organized.

In this before and after endeavor, the team made a big effort to emphasize the natural light available in the space and supplement it with new lighting fixtures as well. Lots of light makes the space feel bigger. The addition of the fully glass shower and consistent tiling feature throughout the room – and onto the vanity – give a previously cramped space new life and comforting consistency.

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