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Elegant Dining at Home

August 20, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
Everyone loves sitting down to a meal at an elegant table in a fancy restaurant with family and friends. There is something uniquely exciting about the ambiance of an upscale dining experience.

Unfortunately, those experiences can be hard to recreate in our fast-paced lives. Gobbling down hurried orders of takeout pizza in a circle around the television is a lot more commonplace. Making time to slow down and enjoy a nice meal at home is a lot more appealing if you create an inviting, elegant space. Teach the kids some manners, have a romantic dinner with your spouse, or host a fun filled dinner party that doesn’t involve metal folding chairs.

Check out a few simple ideas below that can add a touch of elegance to any dining room.

A glitzy chandelier can make all the difference. Hanging an ornate light fixture over the main table drastically improves the ambiance of the room. Just be sure that you find a fixture that matches the style of your room; you can’t have Hollywood glamour with an oak wood table – keep it consistent.

Want to add some warmth and intimacy to your space? A dark color will do the trick. Find a hue of your favorite color that coordinates with your home. Adding some color and depth to your walls will immediately change the environment and make people feel more relaxed. Consider a dark blue or green for their soothing effects.

Everyone loves candles. If you are trying to add pizzazz to your dining experience, consider incorporating some candles of differing heights. This will add an interesting visual as well as a pretty flicker of firelight on the walls.

If all else fails, think about your fabrics. Plush chairs and dramatic curtains add a feeling of sophistication to your room. Your guests and family can relax and get comfortable in well cushioned seats as they talk about their day and enjoy a delicious meal.

There is no better way to bring everyone together than a delicious meal in an inviting space. Create an inviting environment for your guests and you’ll find that the fun will continue all night.

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5 Must Do’s to Survive a Kitchen Renovation with Kids

By Elle Hunter

Living through a kitchen renovation is a daunting process no matter your life circumstances, but living without a stove and dishwasher while feeding young children can be especially challenging. This list will help maintain your sanity and keep your kids from becoming starving urchins or drive-thru junkies!

1. Say goodbye to green. Go to Costco, Sams Club or Target and lay in a massive supply of paper plates (spring for the good heavy ones- there is nothing worse than watching your kids’ dinner slide off of a floppy paper plate)  and Solo cups as well as plastic utensils and paper napkins. While you’re at it, buy extra wet wipes too! Will you increase your carbon footprint? Sure. Will you be thrilled to just chuck the remnants of supper in the trash and not have to wash dishes in the bathtub? Absolutely. You can always make up for your temporary lack of earth friendliness with a super efficient new dishwasher.

Traditional Kitchen by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

2. Set up a temporary kitchen if at all possible, preferably in an area with a utility sink- garages and laundry rooms are ideal. If you can’t move your old fridge to this space look into finding an undercounter size fridge on CraigsList. Other important appliances well worth the investment for this area include a small microwave, a coffeemaker, and most importantly a toaster oven that will hold a 12” frozen pizza and/or a 9”x13” pyrex dish. This will be crucial for when sympathetic friends drop off a nice casserole to see you through the darker days. Hopefully they will also include a bottle of wine…

Traditional Kitchen by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

3. Renovate in the warmer months. If you don’t have a gas grill or don’t have space for one, get a $40 Coleman charcoal grill. Grilling is fast, easy and healthy. It’s simple to throw some chicken breasts and sliced zucchini brushed with olive oil onto the grill, and VOILA! There’s supper. Grill some pineapple rings for dessert. Get on Pinterest for some grillspiration- you will be amazed what you can do with a grill. I once made Eggs Benedict complete with homemade hollandaise on a gas grill that had one side burner! (I was young, ambitious, and trying hard to impress my boyfriend’s parents. I did end up marrying him. For a while.)

Traditional Dining Room by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

4. Shelve routine and rules. I am fanatic about sending my kids out the door with a hot protein and complex carb filled breakfast. Every day of the school year. But when we renovated our kitchen I had to let it go. For six weeks breakfast consisted of oatmeal bars and fruit or cereal bars and fruit or peanut butter on toast and fruit. And a glass of milk. No one’s grades suffered. Nobody starved to death. It was okay. Just let go and do what is easiest for maintaining simplicity and sanity.

Traditional Kitchen by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design and Remodeling

5. Become friends with Mrs. Stouffer, and Mama Celeste, and Mr. Tombstone. Or whatever your favorite frozen food brands are. While you wouldn’t want to feed your kids frozen pizzas and lasagna every day, it’s still cheaper and at least just as healthy as going through the drive through. Add a nice pre-bagged salad and some of those handy microwave veggie steamer bags and you’ve got a pretty good supper.

The average kitchen renovation takes four to eight weeks. Get creative. Be flexible. Stay patient. Look towards the finish line and a beautiful new space that you and your family will enjoy cooking, eating, and hanging out in for years to come!

Elle Hunter is a Director of Project Development at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. She specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, additions, interior and exterior remodels. To see more of her projects, visit her Houzz page.  
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The Icing on Your Renovation

July 16, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling
Remodeling any room in your house is a huge undertaking, and a task certainly not for the faint of heart. Like baking a cake, the success of the renovation really depends on the quality of the icing: in this case, your finishes and fixtures.

Traditional Kitchen by Birmingham Photographers Sylvia Martin

Easily the most prominent fixtures and finishes like lights, appliances, and cabinets can make the huge statements about the rooms they’re in. Making sure your countertops, cabinetry, faucets, light fixtures, and appliances to form a cohesive style can be a challenge, especially when mixing brands.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no right way to choose these and there’s a lot of room for personal preference. There are an infinite number of ways to be creative with your fixtures and finishes and do it right and have it look great. Even without a keen eye for design, with a little help from your remodeler, you can achieve any look, from rustic and Tuscan, to modern and Scandinavian.

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Beyond appearances, these fixtures must serve utilitarian purposes as well. It’s important to pick finishes and fixtures that not only look good, but hold up to daily wear. It’s always a good idea to look at how the room will be used and by whom.
  • Will pets be able to scratch up your cabinets or will children be safe around kitchen countertops?
  • How will light fixture placement impact the feeling of the room?
  • Will daily usage tarnish your sink and faucets?

There are several popular finishes beyond chrome and stainless steel, like brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze, which have gained notoriety for their durability.

Craftsman Kitchen by Point Pleasant Beach Architects & Building Designers Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

There are also some very interesting and innovative finishes emerging in newer remodels which are worth considering. Hideaway sinks give you more prep space and hide your sink when you’re hosting guests. Modular sink basins allow you to mix up how your basin functions and allow you to use it how you want it. Sinks integrated with countertops and seamless sink basins are also becoming more popular as they prove themselves as not only functional, but stylistic.

Contemporary Kitchen Sinks by Lumberton Kitchen & Bath Fixtures BLANCO

Kitchen Sinks by Other Metro

The fixtures and finishes may not be your first thought when picturing your new room, but they are absolutely important. Details can make a huge difference. For many, the help of a professional decorator or designer allows them to rest assured that everything has been accounted for and that they’re guided in their decisions. With a design concierge, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

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Space-Saving Solutions for the Kitchen

June 18, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s arguably the most important room in the house, as well as its strongest selling point. The kitchen is the area where your family, friends, and guests gather to spend time together. Whether you are making breakfast for your loved ones or hosting a cocktail party, a spacious, comfortable kitchen is a great investment that you will cherish and appreciate daily.  Don’t put up with a cramped and cluttered kitchen when you can easily create open space by incorporating the following ideas.

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Taylor Lombardo Architects

Traditional Kitchen by South San Francisco General Contractors Dijeau Poage Construction

Let the Light In

Do you love sunlight and all things bright? Incorporating plenty of window space will flood the kitchen with natural light, amplifying and enlarging the space. Beautiful, large windows will also allow you to enjoy your view and scenery outside. If it’s still too dark, consider under-cabinet lights, which are handy for creating a cool ambiance and making the kitchen work space brighter.


Incorporate glass cabinet doors in your kitchen. The glass tricks the eye into thinking the space is more expansive. Installing glass cabinetry will lighten and modernize the look while adding a sense of depth and openness in your kitchen. In addition, the glass allows you to display your beautiful cookware and show off your favorite kitchen items.

Sleek stainless steel appliances and ceramic tile surfaces also help create space by reflecting light, which exaggerates the space.  Clean lines and crisp, white colors will lessen the visual clutter and give your kitchen a spacious look.

Transitional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Install an Island

Do you love to cook and entertain? A center island is a versatile feature that can be used as a prep surface. Not only does an island provide a necessary work space, but it also serves as a seating and eating area. Stylish and simple stools provide seating that can be tucked away and avoid using valuable floor space.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

An island enhances the flow of the room and carves out storage space for those who always need more space in their kitchen. Additional drawers and cabinets on an island keep supplies more easily accessible.

By implementing any of these easy options, you and your family are sure to enjoy the benefits of a spacious kitchen.

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Case Design’s Green Initiatives

April 22, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling
In honor of Earth Day, three Case Design Project Developers sat down to talk about Case Design’s dedication to being green in the office, out in the field, and in their own homes. These Project Developers all offer a unique, valuable perspective on how industry standards have changed because all of them have been working at Case Design for over seven years. Read on to see what Valery Tessier, Matt Dirksen, and Lisa Magee all had to say about being green in the remodeling industry.

Green kitchen by Case Design

Green kitchen by Case Design

From a remodeling industry perspective, what does it mean to be green?

Reduce, re-use, recycle. It is about developing best practices. These include being energy efficient, using resources efficiently, being dedicated to homeowners’ health and wellness, and being ethical. Being green means different things depending on whom you are talking to, whether it is the company, supplier, trade, or client. People’s opinions differ based on what they value. In general, people tend to be most concerned about the manufacturing of the product itself.

Kitchen by Case Design

Kitchen by Case Design

What does Case do at the office and out in the field to be green?

For Case Design, it’s about listening to our clients and picking up on their cues, and asking the right questions to see how clients interpret and value green, and only then do we offer recommendations. It is important to understand the “shade of green” that client wants.

It’s important for clients to know what their options are and have the choice to buy green materials. It’s our job to be aware of the newest and best eco-friendly methods and materials in order to offer clients the best possible options.

One way that Case Design is eco-friendly is by how we handle old, torn-out cabinetry. There are viable options to donate these cabinets or reuse them in other rooms in the home, such as the garage. Case Design often donates old cabinetry to Community Forklift, Loading Dock or Friendship Place. Case is committed to repurposing materials taken out during a renovation. Case’s showroom uses energy-efficient LED lighting, and we encourage clients to install high efficiency appliances.

We often suggest that clients do an energy audit to show them how their house performs. This audit typically costs about $100 and can ultimately save thousands of dollars and increase the longevity of their home. An energy audit is definitely something to consider if people are renovating their homes. In the field, some of the practices have changed based on codes and energy requirements. We have definitely become more energy efficient as a result.

One of the biggest issues with older homes is toxicity, and it increases as time goes on. Toxicity impacts everyone – both homeowners and their families. Toxicity is defined as airborne components that get into the air, often from carpet foam, paint, glue, or adhesives. These chemicals are referred to as VOCs – volatile organic compounds. It is comparable to trans-fats in foods in that people are becoming more aware of them and making an effort to avoid them. It’s good to let clients know what ingredients are going into their house, and being sure to leave out those that could pollute it.

Much of the Case Design team also goes green in their own homes, which demonstrates how important it is to us. For instance, Matt serves on the City of Greenbelt’s Advisory Committee of Environmental Sustainability, and has previously served on NARI’s Green building Committee. At home, Matt and his family compost, recycle, use rain barrels, and rely on solar panels for their electrical needs.

Kitchen with bamboo wood by Case Design

What does Case do differently that makes it stand apart from other companies that are also eco-friendly?

Our depth of experience is impressive. We are the biggest home remodeling company in the area, and our team brings together so many years of experience and knowledge about home remodeling and green initiatives. Over the span of eight years, nearly 30 of Case Design’s Project Developers, Project Managers, and Lead Carpenters have been Green Advantage Certified (GAC) at one time or another. We were already doing a lot of things that recently became required by law, like ensuring that air quality was safe. We are proactive in adopting green practices, not reactive.

Green kitchen by Case Design

Green kitchen by Case Design

Do you think that people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious as new studies are released about global climate changes, or have clients always been interested in this?

With allergies and sensitivities on the rise, families are more concerned about the wellbeing of kids and the elderly. Kids will bring the topic home and talk about energy conservation because it’s being discussed in school, so parents are aware and want to do their part. There is a generational difference due to the way information is being conveyed now, and it seems like younger generations are more aware and concerned about being green than ever before.

People do seem to be more aware now, but not necessarily more knowledgeable. Our clients want to be green – I have yet to meet a client who doesn’t recycle. People wonder if remodeling can be green. The answer is: yes, it can.

We have been coming across a lot more people who are interested in installing solar panels. People are gaining a greater interest in these types of green renovations, ones that are easily seen by neighbors and easier to show off. Solar panels seem to be trending more than other installations like water saving toilets.

It’s important for average homeowners to understand how they consume their resources. They have to become aware of metrics and units that explain how much energy they are using, and then create habits to conserve energy. The number one thing is to better understand what you consume and how you use your house. People now shop for cars looking at the “MPG” sticker. Soon, people might do the same with a new home.

Energy efficient kitchen by Case Design

Are there any myths that you hope to dispel about building green, such as if the projects cost more to build?

It doesn’t cost more, especially now. Buying green materials and products is a worthwhile investment because they are typically the best quality. For instance, LED light bulbs may cost more than incandescent, but they don’t emit heat and you never have to change them. It is definitely worth it. Would you rather pay for it now, or have your children pay for it later?

Some people think you have to be entirely green or not at all. In fact, there are a lot of ways to be green. The most important thing is to know what green options are available to you, and make decisions that you trust you will feel good about in the long run.

Tell us, what are some ways you have become green in your home?
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Greening the Kitchen Can Be a Breeze

April 7, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
The peppers and broccoli don’t have to be the only things that are green in your kitchen. There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly, and we’re here to help. The cost is low and the benefits are high, so let us show you how to create a sustainable kitchen that will make you feel good about protecting the environment and cutting energy costs.

Contemporary Kitchen by Austin Architects & Designers Barley & Pfeiffer Architects

Paint Me (Green or Anywhere in Between)

Transforming your kitchen into a sustainable hub starts on the walls. Color the space with low-or-no-volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint—that is, paint with little or no harmful carbon-containing compounds. The eco-friendly choice cancels out harmful chemicals that typically seep out long after regular paint is coated on. You’ll find your low-or-no VOC options sold at most major paint manufacturers.

Transitional Kitchen by Elkins Park Interior Designers & Decorators Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP

Wood You Be Mine?

If we’re talking sustainability, then it’s all about bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly (like, three to four months quick) without fertilizers and pesticides (the earth says thank you). Provided that it’s cared for properly, the biodegradable wood makes for a durable base, making it a prime alternative to hardwood flooring. Go with bamboo and you’ll get the warmth and elegance of traditional wood with a material that’s simpler to install, better for the environment, and less harsh on the budget.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Scrub Up

Dishwasher or hand washer? Surprisingly, you end up using more water when scrubbing up by hand. Toss the dishes into the dishwasher; you can skip on the pre-wash too if you’re feeling particularly water-usage conscious. If you’re thinking of switching out the current dish washer for its energy-efficient alterative, look for features like a stainless steel interior, filtration system, or a condensation drying option.

Contemporary Kitchen by Clarendon Hills Architects & Designers Culligan Abraham Architecture

Give It the Green Light

Light your kitchen the sustainable way with environmentally-friendly bulbs.  Energy-saving incandescent bulbs, for example, can last up to three times longer than traditional bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), on the other hand, use about one-fourth the energy of a regular bulb. Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs convert electricity into light—and, while typically known for indicator and traffic lights, can make for a suitable energy-efficient, sustainable lighting source to shine into the kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

How have you transformed your kitchen into a sustainable space? Tell us in the comments section!

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Thinking Green on St. Patrick’s Day

March 14, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling
St. Patrick’s Day is Monday, which for most means corned hash, Guinness, and the color green. However, when we at Case Design hear “think green,” we aren’t just thinking of adding a splash of emerald green to the walls or a throw pillow on the couch. Our team of project developers and designers will focus on making your home more eco-friendly. While many people look for energy-efficiency in new home construction, what most people don’t recognize is that older homes—like so many in the Washington, DC metropolitan area—can achieve great results with just a few simple renovations.

With temperatures (hopefully) rising soon, an investment in energy-efficient window panes may take a backseat to the installation of new ceiling fan fixtures. Ceiling fans are great because they can help cut down on AC energy bills by using wind-chilling effects to help you feel cool. Nowadays, ceiling fans aren’t just a utility, they can add design elements to your room too.

Traditional Kitchen by Charleston Kitchen & Bath Designers Carolina Kitchens

Tropical Living Room by Santa Monica Interior Designers & Decorators Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

In addition to cooling, another savvy renovation in hot summer months is the move towards more efficient plumbing: be it sinks, showers, or toilets. New faucets and showerheads can deliver equal or better performance with reduced water usage through faucet aerators and lower-flow showerheads. These new fixtures are often easy to integrate into any bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Traditional Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

In addition to replacing larger, older appliances in the kitchen with more energy-efficient ENERGY STAR ones, you can save on energy costs by better utilizing natural lighting and opening space for your appliances to work properly. When space allows in your redesign, relocating your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from warm appliances like your stove, oven, and dishwasher will cut down on the energy required to keep it cool.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

These tips just scratch the surface of what’s possible when seeking to make your home green during a renovation. The U.S. Green Building Council maintains a comprehensive website for all things green during remodeling as a resource. Further, Case designers are always willing to discuss options with you on how your renovation can also be a move towards a greener future.

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Margaret H. – Case Design Spotlight

March 7, 2014. Posted by Case Design to Client Spotlight, Kitchen Remodeling
After working with Case Design on several small design projects, Margaret and her husband Bob decided to enlist the firm to get started on a larger renovation. “I trusted them and I live close to one of their main offices, so I always saw their advertisements. It made sense to go through Case,” Margaret explained.

Margaret asked her Case Project Developer Richard Rocco and Architectural Designer TJ Monahan to add a new room and renovate her kitchen. During the initial discussion, she realized just how much this would change the overall layout of the home. In order for Margaret to visualize just how the home would change, TJ designed a 3D model of the home. “It was really cool,” Margaret said. TJ also created three different designs that ranged from simple to elaborate. Ready to take the plunge, Margaret and her husband decided to go with the more elaborate design.

After: Kitchen

Margaret said her Case Design Team made her feel comfortable for the entire duration of the renovation. Since the project took place during the winter, Case made sure Margaret and her family stayed warm. “I don’t know if last winter wasn’t as bad as this one, but it definitely didn’t seem as though a wall in my home was missing,” she explained. “The team showed that they cared and we got to know them as part of the family during the renovation.”

Case also made Margaret feel comfortable customizing the design that TJ created for her. She liked samples that she chose from the Case Design showroom, but wanted something even more unique for her kitchen countertop. “My husband is a geologist and so he was very particular about where we got our granite. The team helped me find that special material,” she recalled.

After: Kitchen

Now that Margaret’s kitchen is fully renovated and her extra room is complete, she and her husband use the new space as a music room. “He plays the cello and I play the viola. It’s a great place to practice and it’s right in our home. We’re a part of a string quartet, and the other members come to our house to practice,” she beamed. Both the new room and the kitchen also feature large windows that Margaret says “really bring the outdoors inside.”

After: Dining Room

A veteran Case customer, Margaret says that she would definitely choose Case to complete any other renovations she may take on in the future. Upon hearing that the design firm won the 2013 National Capitol Business Ethics Award from the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, Margaret said, “They are worth the money and I’ve developed really great relationships with everyone who worked on my home. I’m not surprised they won. They’re straight shooters.”
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Case Design Spotlight – Nancy H.

Nancy H.’s parents were coming to move in with her in her multi-level home. In order to prepare for their arrival, Nancy needed to make some significant changes to her guest bathroom. Having heard great things about Case Design and doing some research online, she decided to hire the firm to complete a bathroom remodel.

Nancy was assigned a Project Designer and a Project Manager who guided her through the process of choosing materials for the space, including a special safety railing for her parents’ new bathroom. As the remodel was underway, Nancy began to add more projects to her plate, and she wanted these updates to be special. Over the course of almost two years, Nancy and her Case team completed a major overhaul of her home. The remodel included changes to her staircases, carpets, kitchen, garage, ceilings and walls.

Remodeling a home is not always easy for contractors or clients. Watching the many changes her home was undergoing, Nancy, on occasion, became nervous. The Project Designer “calmed [her] down” by involving her in every single step of the process and adjusting designs and switching out materials as needed. “I am very hands on,” Nancy said, “and they were very patient with me and all my questions.”

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

The best part of the process for Nancy was having such an attentive team. “My Project Designer came to hardware stores with me to talk me through the design elements for my projects. That’s not typical of a contractor firm and I couldn’t do it alone. With the individualized service that you get from Case, the price is really worth it,” she explained.

Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Nancy’s designer helped her achieve the special look she desired and was “accommodating and friendly” throughout the extensive process. During construction Nancy said the electricians, plumbers and other Case team members were not disruptive and she enjoyed having them around. “After that long, I really got to know everyone very well. They got used to me asking questions while they were working and didn’t mind.”

Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Our self-proclaimed “hands on” client Nancy ended up with a beautiful space and is now enjoying it with friends and family. “We love everything. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that we don’t think, ‘How beautiful is all of this?’” Nancy says that she would recommend hiring Case Design to her friends, and is also hoping to come back for another remodeling project.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

As we congratulated Nancy on her great remodel, she congratulated us on receiving the 2013 National Capitol Business Ethics Award from the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. “My Case team was very attentive and did a great job. It’s terrific that they won!”  Satisfied clients like Nancy help us earn these great honors. Thank you, Nancy!

Think you’re ready to have your own Case Design remodeling experience? Contact us at 202-556-2273. Our team is waiting to hear from you!
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Picking Your Kitchen: Urban Minimalism vs. Country Home

December 4, 2013. Posted by Case Design to Kitchen Remodeling
Thanksgiving is over and if your holiday went anything like ours did, you are ready to take a nice long break from the kitchen. Alas, it’s just not possible. So instead, why not consider a kitchen remodel? It will freshen up your home and hopefully inspire many meals to come! We’ll go over two of the hottest styles so you can choose which fits your life and home the best.

Urban Minimalism

Associated with the chic city loft space, urban minimalism is a style that focuses on clean lines and simple color schemes. The kitchen is often the most chaotic space in the house, so consider this style a counterbalance. For every extra cook in the kitchen you will have a clean counter space and for every greasy dish a sleek appliance to clean it.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Seems too simple? Don’t let anyone tell you minimalism can’t come with a bit of flair. Try injecting some fun into your room with small colorful decorations. This DC home features a simple white and dark brown color scheme with shocks of color from fresh fruit, flowers and a retro Coca Cola ad. Simple? Yes. Boring? No.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Country Home

Big on personality and not afraid to show it? Maybe something more “country home” is your style. Instead of the clean lines and simplicity of the urban minimalism, country homes feature soft, warmer colors and more ornate furnishings.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Don’t be afraid to uses dishes and cooking accessories as decorations, this style invites it! Ornate serving plates, colorful mixers and hanging cookware give this style a lived- in feel. Fresh fruit and flowers fit here too- you use the kitchen, make sure you show it. Try lighter colored wood for furniture, and mix and match oriental rugs for added comfort.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

So there you have it. Two beautiful styles perfect for the DC area where urban and farmland are a short drive apart, but don’t think they are the only options. If you consider yourself a little bit country and a little bit city, consider combining the two for a transitional look. The styles are the ends of a spectrum, so have fun dialing it in exactly where you want it.

So, which do you prefer? Which matters more: your personal style or the location of your home?

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